Hiring Management and Professional Staff

Overview of the MaPS Hiring Process

Step One | Getting Prepared

The hiring process begins by seeking approvals to hire, and understanding what kind of role you need to fill. Upfront conversations to discuss budget should be held with the budget owner, senior leaders and Finance Partner and/or Research Support. Information on the budget available and the proper accounting will be required to complete the Job Opening Request form (Step Two).

All MaPS roles require a job profile. When filling an existing vacancy a job profile should already be in place and may only require review or minor edits. When creating a new role a job profile will need to be written using the Job Profile Guidelines and Resources.

Step Two | Submit a Job Opening Request Form

After the job profile is reviewed, Compensation Analysts will provide you with the placement, including the six digit Job Code that will be used to hire the job. You can then submit a Job Opening Request form with all the information you have collected.

The purpose of the Job Opening Request (JOR) is to collect the information required to post the job and formally obtain the necessary financial approvals. Once approved, the job is posted by the Recruitment Hiring and Onboarding Team and the recruitment process begins. The notification email you receive will contain instructions for completing your recruitment so be sure to retain it for future reference.

Step Three | Review Applications and Select a Candidate

After a job has been posted, the Reports to Manager can log into the myUCalgary portal and navigate to My work > People management > Manage applicants to view and manage applicants. For step-by-step instructions, see the Managing Applicants in PeopleSoft guide.

The hiring manager(s) and/or selection team can move forward with shortlisting applicants, conducting interviews and finally conducting reference checks. Reference checks are used to confirm your decision and should only be conducted for your final candidate.

The Hiring Manager Toolkit contains more information on best practices, as well as templates for phone screens, interviews, and reference checks.

Step Four | Making an Offer

Once you have selected a candidate for the role it is time to prepare a verbal pre-offer. When deciding the salary amount ensure you are following relevant salary guidelines, and be sure to stay within approved budget limits.

With this information confirmed, present the candidate with the verbal pre-offer and discuss all terms of employment. The Verbal Pre-Offer Checklist found in the Hiring Manager Toolkit provides a detailed overview of the items to discuss. If the candidate accepts, you will then request a formal letter of offer from the Recruitment, Hiring and Onboarding team by completing the Request for Offer Letter form, a link to which you can find in the email you received when the job was posted. The form is used to obtain the candidate’s information, final salary, start date, and other offer information required to produce a formal offer letter.

The offer letter is then sent to the Reports to Manager to review and forward on to the candidate. Once the candidate accepts, a copy of the offer letter signed by both the manager and the candidate must be sent to hrhire@ucalgary.ca for processing into the HR system.

Step Five | Onboard New Employee

When the person and job record are created in the Human Resources PeopleSoft system the new employee’s Reports to manager will receive a confirmation email. The email will include their Employee ID number (UCID), appointment details, and a link to the Onboarding page which includes a guide for managers on the actions required to successfully onboard a new hire.

This process is supported by the Onboarding Coordinator in your department who will have their own list of tasks to perform.

Done well, onboarding helps to ensure your new employee is set up with the access and tools they need to become a productive and successful member of your team (e.g. email account, computer access, etc.).