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If you experience a life event such as marriage/common-law, birth/adoption, divorce/legal separation, family status change, change in spousal coverage, or if you need to change your dependent/beneficiary information, you can update your personal information and make benefit changes to ensure your benefits accurately reflect your family status.

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Annual Overage/Student Dependent Confirmation

Each summer, you will receive a notification from the benefits system to confirm that your dependent(s) remain eligible to continue to participate on your benefit plan. Beginning in 2020, Alberta Blue Cross is no longer sending out paper forms so to ensure appropriate coverage, please take action per the notification.

To remain on your group benefits plan, dependents over the age of 21 but less than 25, must be either attending an accredited educational institution, college or university on a full-time basis (usually a minimum of three courses) or be dependent on you by reason of disability and became disabled prior to age 21 and was continuously disabled since that time.

You will receive a notification for verification of overage dependent status as your dependent(s) reach age 21. Follow the directions in the notification to identify whether your dependent(s) meet the eligibility critieria.

Each summer, if you have a dependent(s) between ages 21 through 24, you will receive a notification to confirm that they continue to meet the definition of eligible dependent above. If your dependent(s) meet the criteria, no action is required; but if they no longer meet the criteria follow the steps in the notification to remove them from your benefits.