Respect Workshops and Training

Respect Workshops

The Respect Workshop focuses on competencies and strategies to enhance your personal and leadership effectiveness, and our workplace culture. It is very interactive, practical and supportive.

The learning goals of the workshop are:

  • to better understand our colleagues and what respect and disrespect means to them
  • to see how we can take personal responsibility for enhancing respect in our culture
  • to identify specific strategies that we can utilize to make our culture more respectful
  • to chart a course and make commitments to a culture of respect.

HR has met with all Deans and Senior Leaders to discuss the best way and time to offer these workshops for all faculty and staff. Over 160 workshops have been facilitated to date.

The University of Calgary offers Respect in the Workplace workshops as part of the onboarding program, UBegin. Faculty and staff are encouraged to register for a workshop if they haven't yet participated in this program.


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