Time Approval

Managers of MaPS and Support Staff

Approve Employee Timesheets

Time worked or time absent must be reported on a semi-monthly basis in the employee’s Self Service menu via the MyUofC portal. After an employee saves their timesheet an overnight process delivers the time to your Manager Self Service, Approval Payable Time page where you will review and approve the time entered.

University time entry and approval deadlines are communicated on the Payroll Deadline Calendar but it is recommended that manager's back-up university deadlines to allow for correction to time entered and for timely approval of time entries. 

If time entered is not approved by the approval deadline it will be automatically approved by the system. In those situations the appropriate approver will be required to acknowledge this time in their Task List under Acknowledge Previously Paid Time.


Salaried Exception Time

All Salaried employees must complete a timesheet when they work outside of or are absent from work during their regularly scheduled hours of work. Time reported for salaried employees is called exception time because they are exceptions to your regular schedule. Exceptions include, but are not limited to; Vacation (VAC), Sick Leave (SIC) and Appointments (APT).

Hourly Positive Time

Hourly employees do not have a set schedule and therefore must enter time for every hour that they are at work. Time reported by hourly employees is called positive time because they enter hours for every hour worked. Positive time TRCs include, but are not limited to: Casual Hourly (CA) and Holiday Overtime (HOT).

Project funded employees are required to enter chartfield information on timesheets. As part of onboarding be sure to provide the following specific chartfield information to the employee.

a. Fund Code (2 digits)
b. Department (5 digits)
c. Account (5 digits)
d. Project/Grant (8 characters)
e. Activity ID (5 digits)