Job Profile Guidelines and Resources

Job Profiles and the Job Profile Database (JPD)

Job Profiles

A job profile or job description is a key resource for managers, employees, and Human Resources providing important information to assist in hiring, developing and managing people. The purpose of the guidelines is to help create and maintain consistent job profiles across campus.

Job Profile Database (JPD)

The Job Profile Database (JPD) is a repository for all Support Staff and Management and Professional Staff jobs. The Job Profile Data Base allows users to enter, modify, and search for job profiles.

Job Profile Templates

Job Profile Templates provide some general language describing certain specific MaPS roles at UCalgary and their associated salary ranges.

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Occupational Health and Safety

Every job profile must also reflect the responsibilities related to Occupational Health and Safety to ensure employees are aware of them and are compliant.

Job Titles

The following standards apply to job titles for Management and Professional Staff.

Job Reviews and Evaluations

Job Reviews

Job reviews are requested when the employee and/or manager believe the job has either evolved beyond its current classification or that the current placement is incorrect. 

Job Evaluations

Job evaluation is a systematic method for determining the relative value of MaPS roles and responsibilities within the University of Calgary to ensure internal equity across different phases. It is a career-based approach that establishes a hierarchy of jobs within a series of job families and phases.