Management and Professional Staff

Career Framework and Salary Structure

The job classification system for our MaPS supports the evolving organization as well as support employees in determining their career opportunities

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Job Profiles, Evaluations and Reviews

Job evaluation is a systematic method for ensuring internal equity across different phases.

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Terms and Conditions of Employment

The Terms and Conditions of Employment provides a general framework to guide the employment relationship.

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2024 Public Sector Compensation Update

The Government of Alberta recently announced the repeal of the Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions Compensation Act (RABCCA).  This has been the key piece of legislation with respect to non-union compensation for post-secondary institutions in Alberta. While a new compensation framework is being developed, public sector employers must continue to adhere to the limits and conditions that were set out in RABCCA.  

During this transition period, the government plans to collaborate with public sector employers in the development of a compensation oversight framework. 

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