Continuing Education Tuition Support Application Process

Next Steps

Before applying for classes with tuition support, be sure to check your eligibility to make sure you are able to take Continuing Education courses with tuition support.

Provided you have confirmed your eligibility, select a continuing education course by visiting the Continuing Education Website for full course listings. 

Tuition Support benefit requirements

  • The Tuition Support benefit program covers the cost of tuition for Continuing Education courses, including:
    • short courses
    • seminar
    • workshops and
    • conferences
  • The course must have a Continuing Education course number. Courses that do not have a continuing education course number are not eligible for tuition support.
  • Important considerations:
    • Tuition support covers the tuition fees only. It does not cover software, textbooks, general student fees or other costs that may be associated with a course or registration in a course.
    • Staff members can bundle any up to 3 courses in one specific Continuing Education program listed below, and they will be treated as equivalent to one Continuing Education course if the registration for all courses occurs at the same time and all courses are within the same benefit year:
      • Microsoft Office Specialist (Digital Badge)
      • Microsoft Modern Workplace and Productivity Tools (Digital Badge)
      • Cloud Computing Fundamentals (Digital Badge)
      • Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform Fundamentals (Digital Badge)
      • Microsoft Power BI for Business: Make your Data Useful (Digital Badge)
    • Continuing Education courses are based on the course start date to count towards the maximum per academic year (July 1 – June 30).

The Continuing Education tuition support application form is both the enrolment for the course and the application for tuition support benefits. Complete and submit the application form to enrol in the course and to apply for tuition support benefits for the course.

The application is first sent to Continuing Education to complete the enrolment process prior to being sent to Human Resources to confirm the staff member’s eligibility for tuition support benefits. For Continuing Education courses, tuition fee payment in advance is not required. 

For MaPS and SLT employees, the value of any course shared with a spouse/dependent is a taxable benefit for the dependent student. A T4A will be created and issued to the student starting in the 2023 tax year. The student will be contacted directly if more information is required.

Continuing Education Withdrawal, Refund and Transfer Policy

Review the Refund, Withdrawal and Transfer Policy on the Continuing Education website for details. If required notice of withdrawal from the course is not received within the specified time frame (7 days), we will still apply the tuition support benefit for the related course and this will count towards your maximum benefit.

When an application form is submitted it is first received by Continuing Education to enrol the staff member in the course, the information is then sent to Human Resources – Total Rewards (Group Benefits) to verify eligibility for tuition support benefits. If eligibility requirements are not met, the staff member will be notified by email that the tuition support benefit is denied and the staff member is responsible to pay the tuition fee.

Any Tuition Support application is subject to further audit and may be changed should any discrepancies be found. 

  1. Submit Tuition Support Application

    Submit tuition support application with the course selection

  2. Email Confirmation

    After submitting the application form, you will immediately receive an email from Continuing Education confirming your enrolment to the course.

  3. Verification with HR

    Application forms audited on semi-monthly basis by HR to confirm tuition support benefit eligibility. You will receive an email denying your application if eligibility requirements are not met.