Campus Culture

The key to our success is an inclusive, curiosity-driven and respectful campus culture.

Culture is how organizations 'do things'

Robbie Katanga

​​​​​​​What does campus culture mean to us?

It means collaborating across groups and embracing meaningful two-way communication that is honest and open. It also means overcoming structural, social and cultural barriers to create a safe, inclusive, healthy and respectful environment — one that values diversity and the dignity of every person. It means we work and learn in a sustainable manner, developing new skills, seeking balanced lifestyles, building our careers, taking initiative, and recognizing one another for our accomplishments.

We value a culture that encourages us to listen to one another, enriches our understanding of other perspectives and voices, inspires us to engage purposefully, and welcomes open dialogue and debate.

The University of Calgary demonstrates its commitment to building a culture of inclusivity, respect and inclusivity through various policies, programs, strategies and initiatives.

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There’s nothing louder than the silence where “thanks” should be. So when you see great work happen, make some noise.

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The University of Calgary is committed to providing a workplace that respects and promotes human rights, personal dignity, and health and safety.

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Strategic Initiatives

Our strategic initiatives support teaching, learning, research and scholarship. Ongoing initiatives include institutional strategies and Quality Assurance.

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Workplace Diversity and Employment Equity

UCalgary strives to maintain a positive and productive learning and working environment with respect for the dignity of all and fair and equitable treatment of all.

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Wellbeing and Worklife

The university offers programs and services that promote healthy living, a healthy work environment, and that respect the employee's life outside of work as well as their working life.

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Employee Engagement

UCalgary has been surveying employees bi-annually since 2011 to provide feedback to leaders on engagement and enablement, which are key drivers to achieving the strategic vision of the university.

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