Pension and Retirement

Academic Staff

UAPP Pension Plan

Most Academic Staff participate in the Universities Academic Pension Plan (UAPP). If your position is eligible to participate in the UAPP, you are automatically enrolled from your date of hire.

As part of the online self-service benefits enrolment, you will complete the UAPP Designation of Spouse and Non-Spouse Beneficiary Form for UAPP.

After you print and complete the applicable beneficiary form, return the signed original form as soon as possible to Human Resources - Total Rewards via campus mail. Alternatively, you can email a scanned copy to

Within a month from the date of hire, a welcome email is sent by the UAPP administrator to new pension plan participants. The email details the features of the UAPP website including how to access the Retirement Planner, a secure on-line tool where members can estimate their pension benefits.

Active members can access their Annual Member Statement through their secure online account in May to see their service, contributions, etc. accrued as of December 31 of the previous year.

Increasing Your Pensionable Service

You may be able to purchase a period of prior service if it is:

  • Prior employment with a UAPP employer when you did not make pension contributions
  • Prior pensionable service with a Canadian non-UAPP employer provided you meet certain conditions

For more information, review the information sheet "Purchasing Prior Service," which can be found on the UAPP website

You cannot do this more than two years after obtaining a continuing position (i.e., a position without an end date).

Benefits and Pension During Research Leave

Your current group benefit and banking arrangements will continue through your period of Research & Scholarship Leave. 

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Research Leave Retirement Program

Individuals who come very near to meeting the combined age plus service requirements may be considered for the program on a case by case basis.

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Preparing for Retirement

The University of Calgary and the Universities Academic Pension Plan (UAPP) offer various resources to assist you when you are thinking about retiring.

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Reduced Duties

An academic staff member holding a qualifying appointment who proposes to retire from the university on the date named by the staff member will be eligible to apply for reduced duties, immediately preceding the specified retirement.

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University of Calgary Retirees Association

The University of Calgary Retirees Association (UCRA) brings retirees together for the betterment of the membership and their families, and to foster ways that members can contribute to the life of the university and society at large. Originally founded in 1992 as the University of Calgary Emeritus Association, the Association was established to serve members, the university, and the public.

The University of Calgary Retirees Association provides a visible and active focus for the history, experience and expertise available to the University of Calgary and the public through retired university employees. The University of Calgary Retirees Association maintains an active relationship with the university, and provides a discussion forum for former colleagues, whose input shapes the further development of the Association.

For additional information regarding the University of Calgary Retirees Association, including how to become a member, subscribing to monthly newsletters, meeting dates, and other membership activities, please visit the University of Calgary Retirees Association or contact