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Research Management System

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Four easy ways to contact UService


To access all areas within UService call:


(TF) 1.888.342.3802 – within North America

Business Hours:

Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

(Closed over the lunch hour)


All emails coming into UService:

Please use the email for corresponding in any area within Finance - Research Accounting/Supply Chain/AP/AR/Card inquiries. 


New Hours: 

Main Campus: Math Sciences 7th Floor, Room 773 (IT/HR/Finance/IRISS/RMS)

Available: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – 1:00pm to 4:30 pm only


Foothills location: Health Sciences Room G351 (HR/Finance/IRISS/RMS)

Available: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – 8:30 am to 12:00 pm only

(UService offers no IT walk-in services at our Foothills location)



Chat with URex (IT only)

URex - UService IT's virtual Chatbot available 24/7

If URex gets stumped a ticket can be created for you anytime. If you are chatting during regular UService open hours, URex will place you in queue to chat with the next available live agent.

Over chat, we are currently unable to assist with password and/or MFA resets or schedule any call backs, provide administrative access to install software, link UCID or eID.

If you require assistance in one of these areas, please contact UService IT:  403.210.9300 during our business hours Monday through Friday.

Access the IT website and chat with URex

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Corporate credit cards

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Payroll calendars

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Procedures, guidelines and handbooks

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Finance Job Aids

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Human Resources Job Aids

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Training and Development Site

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University Essentials Training (New Employees)

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What services can I access through UService?

  • Direct Deposit Training
  • Invoice copy requests
  • Project Revenue inquiries
  • Banking information/EFT inquiries
  • Corporate P-Card inquiries
  • Corporate Travel & Expense card inquiries
  • New card training
  • Associate Limited Access process inquiries
  • Banking inquiries
  • Benefit enrolment/life events inquiries
  • ELM trouble shooting
  • Forms initiator training (JOR/TBH/JCR etc)
  • General Associate set up inquiries
  • Leave inquiries
  • Onboarding Coordinator training
  • Pay advice inquiries
  • Pension inquiries
  • PER inquirIes (training on expense claim entry)
  • Recruitment inquiries
  • Student pay administration training (Scholarships)
  • Tax form inquiries
  • Timesheet coding assistance
  • Tuition support inquiries
  • Workflow & approval inquiries (timesheet/forms)
  • Associate Limited Access inquiries
  • General inquires (non-protocol)
  • Registration process inquiries
  • Researcher profile inquiries
  • Training on the IRISS platform
  • Assistance with account and/or login issues
  • Assistance with setting up and accessing email
  • Request access to University services and software
  • Technical assistance with working remotely
  • Technical support for software and applications
  • Technical support for University services and devices
  • eFIN navigation
  • Project set up and maintenance inquiries
  • Team authorization form inquiries
  • Compliance & eligibility inquiries
  • Training on expense correction forms
  • Training on fund transfer forms
  • Training on salary correction forms
  • Training on over expenditure forms
  • General inquiries
  • Login support
  • PSAR inquiries
  • Tool Navigation
  • AP voucher inquiries
  • Assistance with requisition/purchase order/contracts
  • Direct Connect vendor inquiries
  • Distribution & package tracking
  • Match exception email assistance
  • Supplier inquiries
  • Training on expense claim entry
  • Workflow & approval inquiries (Expense claims/Vouchers/PSAR)

Frequently Asked Questions

No. To streamline some of our processes we have reduced the number of email addresses to choose from. The following emails are no longer in service:

No. 403.220.8800 and 403.220.5555 have been retired. To phone UService, please use: 403.210.9300.