Senior Leadership Team

Benefits at a Glance

Overview of SLT Benefits 

Voluntary Critical Illness

Voluntary Critical Illness Insurance is designed to cover the gap between Disability insurance and Life insurance. Due to medical advances, people are now surviving what were once terminal illnesses. Survival may, however, create very substantial lifestyle changes which carry a heavy financial cost. Critical Illness can ease these costs; in the event of a specified illness being diagnosed, a non-taxable lump sum benefit is payable. There are no restrictions on how these funds are used once received.


Optional Life Insurance

Once you have coverage for basic employee life insurance you may choose to purchase additional life insurance for yourself and your eligible dependents. Optional life insurance provides financial assistance to your beneficiary, in addition to your employee life insurance benefit. If your beneficiary dies before you or if there is no designated beneficiary, this benefit is payable to your estate.

Approval for optional employee or spousal life insurance coverage is subject to satisfactory medical evidence of insurability. You are responsible to pay for any costs associated with the medical examination, if required.

You will be notified once the insurer has approved your application for insurance. Your optional life insurance will be effective on the date the insurance company approves your coverage, and payroll deductions for premiums will begin on the first of the following month.


Alberta Blue Cross Claims and Online Service

Visit the Alberta Blue Cross Plan Members site where you will gain access to a number of member services such as printing temporary cards, submitting and tracking claims, and setting up for direct deposit. You will need to log in to your Secure Online Services account. If you have not yet registered your account, do so on the Alberta Blue Cross website.

If you have any questions regarding your Alberta Blue Cross coverage during Covid-19 please click on the Alberta Blue Cross Covid-19 Update

Review the updated 2019 Alberta Blue Cross Dental Claim Fee Guide and the Alberta Blue Cross Plan Booklet.

If you have questions regarding your account or if you have misplaced or did not receive your temporary password you can request a password reset by calling Alberta Blue Cross customer services directly at 1.800.661.6995.