Job Profiles

Management and Professional Staff

MaPS Research Job Profile Templates have been created to assist in the preparation and planning for research grant applications. The details below will provide some general language describing certain specific MaPS roles and their associated salary ranges. Additional information will also need to be added to the template in order to ensure specific job and research related information is included if you are proceeding to recruit.

This page applies to MaPS jobs only. Final classification is subject to Compensation review and approval. Full salary details can be found in the Management and Professional Staff Salary Structure

Templates and corresponding descriptions are subject to change. Salary ranges are reviewed annually and are subject to change

Budgeting for a Research Role

  • It is important to remember that the cost of employment is not limited to the salary of the employee
  • 'Annual Salary' is the gross amount the employee will earn and is subject to statutory deductions
  • 'Benefit Cost' is the additional cost to the employer to provide benefits, such as sick time, health and pension
  • The amount paid by the employer for benefits, in addition to the base salary, is approximately 22%
  • Costs associated with benefits are based on employment type and are subject to change

Simplified Method
[ Annual Salary x ( 1+ Avg. Benefit Cost % ) ] x Full Time Equivalent 'FTE'

( $50,000 x 1.22 ) x 0.8 = $48,800 estimated annual salary cost to the employer

If You are Hiring One of These Jobs

  • Add applicable information into the template, including information related to the research project
  • Once complete, the job profile template will need to be submitted to Compensation for evaluation and classification
  • A classification and job code will be provided to initiate the posting and recruitment process

Job Classification

Find a brief description of each classification along with the corresponding salary ranges available for the identified jobs.