Academic Leadership Academy

Academic Leadership Academy

Leadership development for UCalgary academic leaders.

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Develop engaged, effective and inspired university academic leaders.

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Guide and encourage academic leaders to become more effective and understanding leaders by providing the necessary development opportunities and tools for success.

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Foster an inclusive environment of collegiality that recognizes and prioritizes collaboration and trust as the keys to success.

Leadership at UCalgary

At UCalgary, we believe the importance of leadership is fostering change through trust, support and engagement.


  • Forming and being an active part of a cohesive team.
  • Utilizing team work as a way to develop leadership and delegation skills.


  • Leading by example to engage peers in collaborative efforts.
  • Guiding and engaging in trust-building activities between peers.

Leader's life cycle

1. Understanding the self as a leader

Requires self-awareness by identifying preferences, blind spots, unconscious biases and practising emotional intelligence.

2. Adapt to department/unit needs

Exploring the position's function and how to adapt to the needs of various sectors within the university environment (EDIA strategies, Advancement offices, Research and Community Engagement).

3. First 90 days

Planning and implementing recommended tasks; includes establishing effective meeting schedules, setting realistic expectations for the leader and employees, and sustaining a larger vision for the future.

4. Exiting with grace

Understanding the preparation needed to leave the position with contentment through open and honest communication.



Objectives, format, frequency and program information: Embrace strategic leadership through real-time, cohort-based learning sessions.


Department Heads

Objectives, format, frequency and program information: Champion strategic leadership via rea-time, hands-on learning sessions.