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Hiring People

Hiring Postdoctoral Scholars and Visiting Scholars

For information on how to set up a Postdoctoral scholar (Postdoctoral Scholarship PDF175 or a Postdoctoral Associate PDF162) please contact the Postdoc office . The following reference guide is for the Postdoc Office internal use only. 

A general associate relationship (or non-employee relationship) is created to allow access to university systems for the following two appointments:

  • An unpaid Visiting Scholar is not paid by the University of Calgary but may be paid by their own university or has accepted an unpaid appointment.
  • A Guest Postdoc Scholar receives research training at the University of Calgary, but is compensated through an external fellowship/stipend and is not paid through the UofC.


Hiring Student and Non-Classified Staff

Performance Management

Research Projects

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Job Opening Request (JOR) Basics

For instructions on how to submit a JOR choose the appropriate staff group under Hiring People

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