Seven Onboarding Essentials

Welcome to the University of Calgary! Before you get started with your onboarding checklist, first complete the following seven essential steps. These apply to all new UCalgary employees and must be completed first.

Step 1 | UCID

Note your UCalgary ID (UCID) number.

Do this before your first day, after receiving UCID number by email.

You will receive an email containing your unique employee UCID number as soon as it’s available. UCalgary employees require this number all the time, so keep it with you until you get your official photo ID card printed (step 6 below).

Step 2 | IT Account

Register for an Information Technologies (IT) account.

Do this before your first day and after receiving your UCID number.

You will need an IT account right away to access the My UCalgary portal, update your personal information, complete onboarding courses, input direct deposit information, complete timesheets, and much more.


Step 3 | Benefits

Enrol for Benefits. 

Do this within 14 days of your hire date, after receiving your benefits enrolment email.

If you are in a benefit eligible position, you will receive an email from with instructions on using the self-service benefit enrolment tool — to complete the benefits enrolment process through the My UCalgary portal.

How to Use My UCalgary Portal

Employees use the My UCalgary portal for all kinds of important tasks related to your personal information, benefits and pension, reporting time, performance management, and much more.

Help using My UCalgary Portal

Step 4 | Getting Around

Plan to get to and around campus.

Do this before your first day.

A new commute takes some getting used to. Before your first day, check out your transit and parking options and scope out your office location by selecting your building and entering your room number. To apply for a parking permit, you will need an IT account and your UCID number.

If you are moving into an office and you have equipment and/or materials to unload, contact Parking Services for information on where to park and to register your license.

Daily and monthly parking at Foothills campus is managed by Alberta Health Services, except for the Teaching Research and Wellness (TRW) underground parkade, which is managed by UCalgary.

Step 5 | Payroll

Set up Payroll Details.

Do this before your first day and after your IT account is created.

Input your direct deposit information through the My UCalgary portal and complete the personal tax credit forms before your first day. Completed tax forms can be sent to the payroll team at

Step 6 | Unicard

Get your employee ID card (Unicard).

Do this on your first or second day.

All faculty and staff members require a Unicard.  It is your official campus identification card.  It also provides access to services such as libraries, Labs, Active Living and swipe to release printing as well as electronic access to secured buildings.

To get your unicard, upload your photo online .

For opening hours and office location, please visit the Unicard Office web site.

Step 7 | Training - UBegin

Register for required training and welcome sessions.

Do this on your first or second day. 

Take the fast track to institutional knowledge with our comprehensive onboarding and employee welcome program comprised of several courses designed especially for all new UCalgary employees. The New Employee Welcome session is part of UBegin.

  • All new employees are automatically enrolled in Occupational Health and Safety Orientation, Hazard Assessment Training and Harassment and Violence Awareness Training.
  • All new managers and supervisors are required to complete the Incident Reporting and Investigation Training.
  • Additional training may be identified by your manager/supervisor on the Hazard Assessment and Control Form for your job description/laboratory/workshop.

This half-day orientation session runs once a month to provide new employees with the basic information they need to thrive at the university. The course covers UCalgary vision and institutional strategies, training and development opportunities, resources and services available to staff and much more. 

The New Employee Welcome sessions are going to be virtual during this COVID situation. Please register for the class through ELM and you will receive an email with Instructions on how to join the Zoom session.

How to Register for Courses and Programs

Employees use Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) to register for most programs, courses, classes, and self-serve e-learning modules offered at UCalgary.

Help Using ELM

You Made It!

Submit Employment Equity Survey

The Employment Equity Survey is now available online through Employee Self-Service. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time.

Take the Census

Access to complete the Employment Equity census is available the day following the creation of your UCID. Only after this period of time will you be able to enter your information.

To learn more, please visit Workplace Diversity and Employment Equity website or contact the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion by email .


Now that you've complete the seven essentials of onboarding, you're ready to move on to your role-specific onboarding checklist. 

Onboarding at UCalgary — how are we doing?