Onboarding Academic Staff

Checklist for Onboarding Coordinators

This checklist for Onboarding Coordinators is a valuable tool designed to assist you through this process. As an Onboarding Coordinator (OBC), you are directly responsible for the tasks listed. 

In addition to the organizational activities to be completed below, faculty and/or department-specific activities may also be required. Each area is encouraged to create a faculty or departmental onboarding checklist to supplement this one. 

Before Their First Day




Watch for the notification of hire 

As soon as the new hire is entered into the system, the OBC and the reports-to manager will receive an auto-notification email with the new employee’s UCalgary identification number (UCID).  


Request email address for international academic hires 

As many international hires request an email address prior to their start date, Human Resources can create a UCID for the new hire before they arrive to enable this once a signed offer has been received. 


Send a welcome email to the new hire

Refer to the welcome email template to send a welcome email to your new hire one day after receiving the new hire notification email confirming the hire has been processed.

***Remote Onboarding for New Staff***

 Please include the following information in the welcome email:


Send an introductory email to staff in your faculty and/or department  

Refer to the introductory email template to send an introductory email to your faculty and/or department after the hire has been confirmed.  


Arrange for IT needs

If your new hire requires any IT hardware, software, or access, you should submit an IT onboarding form as early as soon as possible to ensure IT has adequate time to provide the needed items prior to their first day. Ensure your new hire is familiar with UCalgary’s Acceptable use of Electronic Resources and Information policy, and has signed the Oath of Confidentiality if applicable.

***Remote Onboarding for New Staff***

If the new employee need a work computer and/or accessories, please complete the IT Onboarding and Computer Request Form as per standard operational process and provide the best contact information and be prepared for IT to contact you and your new hire to coordinate the remote onboarding equipment and setup for logistics on how to get item(s) to the employee.

For more info, see “Resources for working remotely”.

Campus Phones:

Please note there will not be any on site installs being done on campus at this time however if there is an existing phone it can be prepared for the new person including voicemail. For further assistance please contact IT and someone from our IT Voice Operations will contact you.  


Connect with Dean/Department Head/Director

Meet with the leader to ensure:  

  • arrangements are made for appropriate office space and equipment  

  • access requirements are met  

  • the new hire has been assigned an onboarding buddy 

  • key meetings and training that require booking, etc have been arranged  

  • manager checklist has been started and the new academic has been contacted to welcome them to the team after the contract was signed 

  • lab space is allocated and that Facilities Coordinator has contacted Environment, Health and Safety to ensure proposed lab space meets minimum health and safety requirements and is suitable for the intended purpose (e.g. research, teaching, equipment, storage, etc.). Contact Environment, Health and Safety at ucsafety@ucalgary.ca or call 403.220.6345. 

  • Make arrangements with Finance/HR/IT services teams if the new hire will be a key administrative contact.  

  • administrative support is available  

  • suggested meetings are scheduled to help get the new academic connected  

  • the new academic has a list of regular faculty meetings 


Connect with new academic

  • Refer the new academic to this onboarding web site to begin their seven essentials of onboarding before their start date

  • Follow up if you do not receive an email from the new academic with their new account/email. You will need the IT account/email address to schedule meetings and register the new academic in training courses in advance of their arrival

  • If new academic has any parking inquiries, direct them to Parking and Transportation Services

  • For desktop/laptop setup and support, contact IT Support Centre

  • Ensure benefit and tax forms have been submitted and direct deposit entered

  • Schedule time, place, and person for the new academic to meet on their first day

  • Ensure new academic has completed the mandatory health and safety training

  • Ensure new hire is aware of resources to support wellness in our UCalgary community such as WellBeing and WorkLife , the Campus Mental Health Strategy and many others.


Prepare for research


Prepare for teaching


Review finances

Administrative Preparation

Request building/office/lab access  

Arrange for keys/swipe access by contacting your area’s access administrator. New hire must obtain their Unicard when they start from the Unicard office for the swipe access to be provisioned. 


Update UCalgary contacts directory and faculty/unit distribution lists 

Contact the department administrator for assistance 


Grant D2L access 

The student administrator in your faculty must set up the new academic as “instructor of record” in the student system and then the new academic can set up course material, etc. in D2L. 


Determine if SecurID is required (if applicable) 

See whether access requires a SecurID. Contact IT Support Centre 


Print business cards (if applicable) 

Contact the Print Shop on campus 

On and After Their First Day

Welcome the new academic and make introductions

***Remote Onboarding for New Staff***

Set up team meeting through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other online video chat platform that is used by the team.


Ensure all previous requests have been actioned