Credit Cards

The UCalgary Corporate Card Program offers employees an efficient and cost-effective method of paying for work-related materials, services and travel.  This reduces the need for out-of-pocket expenses or the use of personal funds.

Credit Card News and Updates

Scotiabank Commercial Card VISA notification regarding Skip the Dishes

Due to recent fraud attempts Scotiabank Visa has temporarily blocked Skip the Dishes from the University of Calgary Corporate Card Program. 

If a Skip the Dishes transaction is required or denied recently, please email and provide the following information;

  • Last 4 digits of the card number
  • Card type - T&E or PCard
  • The amount of the transaction

Skip then will be temporarily unblocked from the cardholder profile for the required transaction.

If you see a fraudulent Skip the Dishes transaction on your statement or in your CentreSuite transactions, please contact Visa directly (the number on the back of the card) and and report the fraud to both Visa and Finance. Unfortunately your card will be replaced. When the replacement arrives you will receive a card distribution email notification from the Card Program.

**Alternatively endeavor to use another provider such as Door Dash, Uber Eats etc.

Thank you for your patience and support!


CentreSuite is only supported with the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  It is recommended that you upgrade to new versions to avoid any issues with logging in to CentreSuite.

All posted Visa transactions for both PCard and Travel & Expense (T&E) Cards are loaded into Peoplesoft and available for reconciliation daily. Reconciliation deadlines remain the same, i.e. the 15th of the month following the previous month’s statement.

Corporate Card forms including new applications, maintenance forms, and limit increase requests have been updated to digitally accepted signatures. Please see the "Forms & Resources" link in the main menu navigation.

Corporate Card Training courses are available via D2L on the portal. Please contact to register.

Travel and Expense Card

Do you incur hospitality expenses or travel expenses on behalf of UCalgary? The Travel and Expense Card (T&E Card) allows you to book travel and pay for expenses without being personally out of pocket.

To apply for a Travel and Expense Card:

  • Ensure that you read and understand the regulations outlined in the Corporate Card Program Handbook prior to submission. 
  • Submit a completed Corporate Card Cardholder Agreement to the Corporate Card Program at
  • Once the agreement is reviewed and approved, the new Cardholder will be registered in D2L to complete a mandatory training course. Once completed, the card will be ordered and available for distribution.

Purchasing Card

Do you purchase materials and supplies for your lab, department, or faculty? The Purchasing Card (PCard) empowers you to make these purchases without requisitions and purchase orders, saving time and administrative cost.

To apply for a Purchasing Card:

  • Ensure that you read and understand the regulations outlined in the Corporate Card Program Handbook prior to submission.
  • Submit completed Corporate Card Cardholder Agreement to the Corporate Card Program at
  • Once the agreement is reviewed and approved, the new Cardholder will be registered in D2L to complete a mandatory training course. Once completed, the card will be ordered and available for distribution.


Both PCard and T&E Card have a quick access point for reconciliation on the portal: My Work > Finance and Supply Chain > Reconcile Credit Card. For step-by-step instructions refer to the PCard Reconciliation Guide and T&E Card Reconciliation Guide.

Monthly credit card statements are emailed on the 26th of each month, with the transactions to be reconciled by the 15th of the following month. To add or remove a reconciler to a card profile, please submit a maintenance request form, which can be obtained under Forms & Resources > Forms > UCalgary Credit Cards.


Card Security and Maintenance

  • To protect account security, cardholders who have received their Visa cards must go to the CentreSuite website to change the temporary password and create their personal log in. The four-step quick reference guide 'Using CentreSuite to access Visa card statements' provides the web link and temporary password.

  • Note: transactional data and statement downloads are only available for six months. The Visa PDF statement is emailed directly to the cardholder on the 26th of each month from Cardholders are recommended to add this to their safe sender list. Alternatively, cardholders may log into their CentreSuite account to review current transactions and to download their card statements.
  • All cardholders have signed their cardholder agreements acknowledging that they have read and agree to comply with the program requirements and handbook. Review the Corporate Card Program Handbook.
  • To update the card profile for the following areas, please submit a maintenance request form found under Forms & Resources > Forms > UCalgary Credit Cards:
    • Name change, phone number, UCalgary email address, default chartfields for PCard, department change for the cardholder, adding or removing a reconciler, cancellation of card, suspension of card and absence from a position for longer than 3 months (maternity leave, leave with pay, medical leave, sabbatical and reinstate card)
  • To request a temporary or permanent limit increase on the card, please submit a limit increase form found under Forms & Resources > Forms > UCalgary Credit Cards.

Card Program Contacts and Resources

Corporate Card Program

For assistance with the following, email

  • Card maintenance, limit increases and activity reviews
  • Card agreement processing
  • Reset locked cards or CentreSuite accounts
  • Changing your contact information or default chartfields
  • New cardholder orientations
  • Card user refresher sessions
  • Card and travel programs, program management, handbook and reporting

Scotiabank Visa

For assistance with any of the following items, call Scotiabank Visa at 1.888.823.9657:

  • Declined charge
  • Do not recognize charge
  • Fraudulent transaction
  • Unauthorized transaction
  • Billed for different amount than the receipt shows
  • Billed for merchandise or services not received
  • Disputing quality of merchandise or services received
  • Billed for cancelled service
  • Returned merchandise with no credit received

When calling Scotiabank Visa, you will have to provide the Date of Significance. If you do not have this, contact


Contact UService at, 403.210.9300 or in person on main campus Math Sciences 773 or Foothills campus in Health Sciences Centre G204 if you need help with:  

Corporate Card - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, please contact the Corporate Card Program at or visit the Corporate Card Handbook for regular updates.

All cardholders must submit a Visa cardholder agreement for one or both the Purchasing Card (PCard) or the Travel & Expense (T&E) Card. Agreements must have the sign-off of the Reports-to Manager and the Department Budget Owner. Department Budget Owners cannot sign their own agreement - it must be a one-up Approver.

The Purchasing Card (PCard) is intended for low-risk and low-dollar goods and services for your unit or area. Examples might be books, subscriptions, safety and laboratory supplies. Catering expenses up to $5000 are allowed on the Purchasing Card if a T&E card is not available

The Travel & Expense (T&E) Card is intended to accommodate all travel-related and meeting expenses. This would include dining and entertaining. Catering charges should be charged to the T&E card.

Each card serves a different function and has specific workflow controls and approval levels associated with purchases of goods and services. Consequently, the administration of each card is unique. They are easily identifiable by embossed labels and unique images on both cards.

A cardholder application must be submitted and approved. Then they will be sent email invitation/s for mandatory card training session/s (one for each card). When training is completed, the card/s will be ordered from Visa and arrive approx. 5-10 business days at Supply Chain Management offices. The cardholder will be sent a distribution email approx. 1 week prior to the time and date to come pick-up the card from our offices.

*NOTE during COVID restrictions, card distribution is variable currently offering distribution dates twice a month.

Cardholders accept the responsibility of being issued a University Credit Card which are listed on the card application they signed-off on. Cardholders are responsible for adhering to the Corporate Card Program Agreement terms and conditions, program guidelines and University policies. They should never be used by anyone else other than the cardholder themselves

A .pdf statement is emailed directly to the cardholder on the 26th of each month from the email ‘'. Be sure to set this as a safe sender in your email and be sure to review the transactions on the statement for accuracy. Cardholders may also log on to CentreSuite to download statements. Please use the Quick Reference Guide using CentreSuite to access Visa card statements. Statement requirements for reconciling transactions are based on project, grant or department obligations. Check with your finance team for requirements.

Transactions from Visa are uploaded into Peoplesoft nightly for both PCards and T&E Cards. Cardholders will receive their Visa statement/s from on the 26th of the month; however, transactions close to the statement date may not appear in Peoplesoft for an additional day or two.

Credits will be treated as any other charge. They will be loaded into PeopleSoft and should be reconciled against the same account to which the original charge was allocated.

If the cardholder identifies that a transaction is not valid, call Scotiabank immediately at the number on the back of the card and report the fraudulent charge. Then email to advise them of the path forward (cancel/replace card/refund). Include the cardholder name, card type, date of contact with Scotiabank. Once the disputed amount is resolved, a credit for the amount will allocated to the replacement card.  Reconcile both the fraud charge, and the credit as usual which will net zero the charge. More detailed instructions for reporting fraud are listed in the Corporate Card Handbook on the University Corporate Card website.

There is a feature available in My Wallet when there are transactions for future travel. The cardholder can apply a future travel date to each applicable line and complete the expense after the travel has occurred. This is important as it alleviates any email reminders from the Card Program that their reconciliation is past due. Please refer to Step 3 in the 'Submitting a Travel & Expense Card Claim' Quick Reference Guide on how to allocate a future travel date.

Submit a 'maintenance form' available from the UCalgary Credit Cards accordion item under the Forms section of the Forms & Resources page to cancel card/s. Cardholders cancelling their own cards do not require a department or reports-to signature.  Departments or persons cancelling someone else’s card will require the extra signatures and are indicated on the form.  Cardholders or departments should ensure all transactions are reconciled before cancellation. If this is not possible, cardholders or departments can assign a delegate to perform any final reconciliations within Corporate Card timelines. Cancellations are performed within 2 business days of submission to the Card Program.

On the 26th of each month, Scotiabank will issue a new statement containing the posted transactions. The cardholder has until the 15th of the following month to reconcile and submit the transactions for approval unless they are future dated for travel.

For PCards a ‘maintenance form’ is required to be completed and submitted to the card program via

For T&E Cards, this can be done directly by the cardholder through Employee Self-Service>Travel & Expenses>User Preferences>Delegate Entry Authority