Research and Scholarship Leaves

Academic Staff

The primary purpose of granting a research and scholarship leave is to enhance the quality of the Academic Staff member as a scholar and as a teacher, thereby assisting the university to achieve greater excellence in its basic areas of responsibility, effective teaching, and the advancement of learning.

A research and scholarship leave will be granted only when the leave is determined to be of mutual benefit to the Academic staff member and the university. The benefit shall be judged in terms of any combination of research, scholarly work and teaching.

Research and Scholarship leaves are earned through the accumulation of years of service. A staff member may make an application for an RSL in accordance with the schedule below.

The 2024-2025 RSL Application period is now closed.

  1. 3 Years Qualifying Service

    Length Leave: 6 months

    Maximum Assistance During RSL Based on: 90.0% of staff member's academic rank salary

  2. 6 Years Qualifying Service

    Length Leave: 12 months

    Maximum Assistance During RSL Based on: 90.0% of staff member's academic rank salary

  3. 6 Years Qualifying Service

    Length Leave: 6 months

    Maximum Assistance During RSL Based on: 100% of staff member's academic rank salary

Important notes:

  • All Research and Scholarship Leaves are subject to approval by the Dean and are not a direct entitlement for academic staff members.
  • First RSL granted after tenure will be at 100% salary - this first RSL is only available to staff members who apply for and receive tenure through the processes under this Collective Agreement and not to those who are appointed with tenure.
  • Those staff members who have held an administrative appointment (example Department Head, Associate Dean) of not less than five consecutive years shall be eligible for a 12-month administrative leave at 100% salary.
  • In addition to the administrative leave eligibility parameters set out in Article 17.1 of the Collective Agreement as it relates to five (5) year appointments, an academic staff member who renders three (3) consecutive years of service as a Department Head or Associate Dean, in their initial appointment into such role, shall be eligible for a six (6) month administrative leave at 100% of the academic staff members salary. 

How to Apply

The 2024-2025 Research & Scholarship Leave (RSL) process is now closed.

Interested applicants should know there are two steps to a completed RSL application.  Both portions must be completed by October 16, 2023

  1. Submitting intent to apply (via the webform below), and
  2. Completing the application process in Academic Portfolio. 

A few days following the submission of your intent to apply via the webform, HR will initiate a case in Academic Portfolio and you will receive an email notification.  You are required to log in and complete all of the required documentation and steps in Academic Portfolio by October 16.

The Faculty Research & Scholarship Leave Committee members will review applications using Academic Portfolio.

Travel Fund

Pursuant to Schedule "A" Article 2.19 of the Collective Agreement between the Board of Governors and the Faculty Association.

A travel fund is available to academic staff members who undertake a Research & Scholarship Leave involving a sojourn of no less than four months outside the Province of Alberta.

Schedule “A” of the Collective Agreement:

Article 2.19.1 A staff member who undertakes a research and scholarship leave or administrative leave involving a sojourn of no less than four months outside the Province of Alberta, shall be eligible for reimbursement for actual travel, accommodation, and food expenses incurred on their own behalf outside Alberta, to a maximum of $2,000 in respect of any one research and scholarship leave.

Article 2.19.2 All travel must be completed within the research and scholarship leave period, but the time spent outside of the Province of Alberta need not be taken in one consecutive period.

To file a claim, staff members must complete the request online through the 'Create Expense Report' tool in PeopleSoft Self Service. All supporting receipts must be uploaded with the online expense report. Please use the account code 10-63045-55140 when submitting your online claim. Once the claim has been substantiated, payment will be made to the staff member.

Total Compensation

The full amount of outside assistance received as scholarships, fellowships, travel grants, and the like, may be accepted and retained in addition to the level of support otherwise available to you from the university.

In general, you shall not engage in any employment for compensation during the leave period unless authorized in writing by the Department Head and Dean.

In cases where employment for compensation is authorized, the amount of university research and scholarship leave assistance otherwise payable by the university shall be decreased so that the amount of assistance together with outside compensation shall not exceed 125% of the staff member's academic rank salary for the leave period.

Fill out the Application for Approval of Employment Compensation While on Research and Scholarship Leave

Particular attention is directed to the following:

  • you must make appropriate arrangements for handling your academic duties and responsibilities during the RSL in consultation with your Department Heads [16.10]
  • you must return and render regular, full-time service to the university equal to the number of months comprising the Research & Scholarship Leave, or reimburse the university for the amount of assistance received during the leave period [16.20(a)]
  • within three months of completion of the Research & Scholarship Leave, you are required to submit a written report to your Dean (and Head if applicable) which provides an outline of your activities during the leave period [16.20(b)]
  • all Research & Scholarship Leave applications must be approved by the Dean of your faculty [16.8]
  • if you anticipate international travel as part of your research and study leave, please visit Risk Management & Insurance for information on current travel restrictions and travel registration 
  1. Supporting Documents

    Research and Scholarship Leave Committee members will review applications using Academic Portfolio.  These forms are supplementary to the RSL application and are available within Academic Portfolio.

  2. Documents and Forms

  3. References