We aim to promote safe international travel for university activities and manage the potential risks associated with it.

Travel news

Travel Updates - October 22, 2020

A message to the campus community...

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August decision on UCalgary business-related international travel for all travellers

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Decisions on university-related international travel

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Time for all UCalgary students and staff in Europe to leave their exchange placements due to COVID-19 concerns

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Before You Go

Review this information prior to your departure to ensure you are properly informed about your destinations and the resources available to you.

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Cyber Tips for International Travellers

When you are travelling internationally, there are different laws related to the use of technological devices.

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In Case of Emergency

In the event of an emergency abroad, use the contact information provided to access international resources and assistance.

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Register for Travel

Students, staff, and volunteers travelling internationally for university business must register with the university and with the country who issued their passport.

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Travel Requirements

Pre-departure tasks are determined by the risk rating of your destination.

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Travel Briefings

Complete and submit this international travel and medical briefing request form a minimum of three weeks prior to travel.


Travel Checklist

Read the Travel Checklist recommendations to ensure preparedness prior to your departure.

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Field Handbook for Group Leaders

This field handbook offers resources to support Group Leaders while travelling abroad, including "before you go" and crisis response information.

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International Travel Loaner Device Program

The University offers a short-term loaner device program which includes cell phones, laptops and encrypted USB’s for faculty, staff, post-doc and graduate students traveling internationally.

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Renting Vehicles while Travelling

Employees who travel for university business may rent a vehicle when it is necessary or more economical than other transportation options.

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