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Talent Development Programs are currently under review.  UAdvance courses are paused at this time.  In the meantime, please explore options available on LinkedIn Learning and through tuition support.

Take the next step in your development by enhancing the skills, knowledge, and abilities you need to demonstrate success at the University of Calgary.

Take UAdvance to:

  • Expand your skills in communications, teamwork, and personal resiliency
  • Demonstrate application of new knowledge
  • Improve your personal effectiveness through application of new knowledge and increased self-awareness

Enrolment: A Quick Reference Guide

This user guide shows learners how to register in a learning program and enrol in a class for the program, using the Enterprise Learning system.

Registration and Completion Process

To register for UAdvance Program you require the support and approval of your manager, as both online and instructor-led courses are delivered during regular work hours.

Talk With Your Manager

Discuss with your manager how UAdvance courses contribute to your professional development and how course selections support goal-setting and annual review processes.

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The UAdvance Program is open to all employee types.

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Classes are offered regularly throughout the year — customize a plan that works for your schedule and interests. For support staff, manager approval is required when registering for classes. Managers will be prompted to approve workshop registration once enrollment is submitted.     

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When you register for the UAdvance program (not just individual workshops), your progress is tracked and a digital badge is issued when all requirements are met. You may register at any time to receive credit toward the program for eligible completed courses. 

UAdvance really helped me grow, and I’m applying what I learned in my daily routine

Lisa Bensmiller,

Administrative Assistant

UAdvance Course Requirements

To complete the UAdvance program, take all seven core workshops and three additional workshops of your choice from the optional and technical course category, which includes a blend of online and in-class workshops.

UAdvance requires a total commitment of 40-50 hours to complete and can take up to two to three years to complete. To gain the most from the UAdvance program, it’s recommended you take no more than two workshops a month.

All courses are scheduled in Enterprise Learning a few months in advance.

Required Core Courses

All seven core courses are required to complete UAdvance — they can be completed in any order.

This course will help define common characteristics of being a poor communicator and identify what is needed to become a great communicator. 

You will learn how trust, choice of words, tone of voice and body language influence the message being sent and received.  You will also learn how to actively listen to others and ask powerful questions to interpret the messages being sent.  

This course is designed to provide multiple opportunities to develop and practice your written and oral communication skills while assessing and analyzing your ability to actively listen.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Classify the characteristics of good and poor communication styles
  • Examine how word choices, tone of voice and body language influence communications
  • Apply active listening techniques to verify that messages being sent and received are aligned
  • Develop questioning techniques to clarify & validate sent & received messages are understood

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

Being emotionally Intelligent during times of change is a game changer! When we begin to understand ourselves and others we are better equipped to manage and adapt to change.

Having an awareness of why we do the things we do will help us navigate the pressures and obstacles of everyday life.  This course will review the Merrill-Reid's social styles model: Driver, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical.  

We will also review a model on the transitional phases of change, and discuss our core needs and strategies to help cope with change.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain awareness to emotional intelligence and your impact on others
  • Understand the different social styles and their needs during change
  • Understand and identify with the different stages of the transition process
  • Create strategies to navigate the transition process and build resiliency

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

This course serves as an introduction to techniques and strategies for enhancing your personal performance.

Performance excellence is multi-faceted and includes both the attitudes and behaviours of the individual, as well as the way they build and leverage interpersonal relationships.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the conditions that motivate you to perform at your best and practice building and sustaining your motivation
  • Use feedback as a tool to achieve your goals
  • Develop strategies to improve your productivity by enhancing how you manage your attention

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

We have so many interactions in a day it's reasonable to expect some of them are going to be difficult. Whether these are conversations in person or at a distance, there are things you can do to make these conversations go smoothly.  

This course will allow you to gain a better understanding of communication as well as specific tips and strategies to become a better communicator during difficult conversations. If the conversation is challenging for at least one person then the conversation can be deemed difficult. 

Each participant will plan for an anticipated difficult conversation and receive feedback on their plan from other participants in the class. Effective Communication Skills is a recommended (but not required) prerequisite for this course. 

Learning objectives:

  • Gain awareness of how our personal experiences impact our behaviour
  • Learn a framework to help effectively plan a difficult conversation
  • Review a nine-step process to have a successful conversation
  • Explore strategies for giving and receiving feedback

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

Have you ever wondered what you could do differently to improve the effectiveness of your team? In this course, you’ll learn how to enhance your skills and abilities as an individual employee working within a team setting. 
You’ll work with a new team to explore the common stages of team development while experimenting with some effective tools to help you become a high performing and high functioning team member.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify stages in group development, as well as the common behaviours and characteristics associated with each stage
  • Recognize the core virtues/values and bahaviours needed to become an ideal team player
  • Experience working in a new team and will determine how and when providing important feedback increases team effectiveness

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

This course provides a basic introductory level overview of the history and diversity of Indigenous people in Canada.

The introductory level session provides an overview of the diversity of Indigenous people in Canada. The topics covered in this session provide information on terminology related to Indigenous peoples and the concept of reconciliation, explore common misconceptions, and offer an opportunity for participants to learn more about and consider the effects of colonization and the impact of residential schools.

Learning objectives: 

  • The diversity of Indigenous peoples in Canada, the terminology related to Indigenous peoples in Canada, common misconceptions, colonialism, the legacy of residential schools, the movement towards reconciliation, and some common tenants of Indigenous knowledge systems.

Prerequisite for this course is The Story of ii'taa'poh'to'p".

Intended Audience: All Employees, faculty and students
Number of hours: 3 hours

As the University of Calgary continues to focus on a healthy campus and workplace, this workshop aims to increase awareness of mental health, reduce the stigma of mental illness, and offer resources to maintain positive mental health. In this course, we will explore mental health, the stigmas associated with it, and how to maintain your own mental health and improve your resilience.

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3.5 hours

Optional Courses — Pick Three

Choose three optional courses that suit your interests, strengths and goals — courses are a blend of online and instructor-led.

At the University of Calgary we have evolved our performance management framework to focus on development and growth, connect individual efforts to the success of the faculty/unit, and enable individuals to perform to the best of their abilities. The Connect to Perform learning series enables participants to improve the quality of their performance conversations, focusing on five topics.

Intended for all employees and managers, this course includes five 25-30 minute eLearning modules. Each module explores a different topic and includes examples of how you can practice what you have learned.

We recommend completing the course in order, but you may also choose a specific module to complete at any time.

Learning objectives:

  • Begin or improve a practice of frequent one-on-one meetings
  • Set performance goals
  • Give and receive effective feedback
  • Participate in a career conversation
  • Create and follow-through on a development plan

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

Providing exceptional service not only ensures client satisfaction, it can also improve your personal job satisfaction. Building the skills needed to provide exceptional service, regardless of your role, will give you the confidence to perform in any situation and to provide a sense of a job well done. Creating a strong service culture across campus is important to our organization. It plays a key role in achieving our success for attracting students and researchers while engaging with the community. Service excellence is an essential skill for all employees and you would be surprised how many employees experience challenges in this important area. Take this course to ensure you're not one of them.

Learning objectives: 

  • Identify how service excellence applies to you
  • Examine how the service you provide is viewed by those your interact with across our campus community
  • Apply communication techniques to serve your clients better
  • Connect service excellence in your role to the Eyes High Strategy

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

This course is designed to provide employees with an overview for how to navigate your career.

Employees will be provided with information, tools, and resources that will support them in the ownership of their career development. By way of discussion, exercises, and group participation employees will learn the 4 steps to effective career conversations.

Learning objectives: 

  • Learn more about career development foundations and practices
  • Understand your ownership of your individual career development
  • Appreciate the benefits of engaging in career conversations with your manager and where they can support you
  • Know where to find additional tools and resources
  • Practice how to prepare for, and complete a career action plan

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

This course will walk you through how to enter different types of expense claims in the PeopleSoft system:

  • General and travel claims
  • My wallet expenses (Travel & Expense card program)
  • Advances and clearing advances
  • PER claims (deadlines, unique allowable expense categories)
  • Non-employee reimbursement payments (how/when/why)
  • Identify the backup required and where to submit completed claims
  • Define wait times and possible payment hold ups
  • Tips and tricks on entering claims

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 2 hours

This course will walk you through how to enter different types of requisitions in the PeopleSoft system:

  • Do I have the e-procurement role?
  • Special Item Special request requisitions
  • Amount only Requisitions
  • Web ordering
  • Workflow and approvals
  • SCM Procurement rules
  • Receiving & Centralized receiving
  • P-Card when to use it instead of a requisition
  • 3 point matching for payment
  • A/P rules

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 2 hours

This course provides an overview of procurement at the University, including what you can order and who has access to the procurement tools. This course will review supplier management, eProcurement, and the final steps when procuring goods and services and the rule that must be followed.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Request a new supplier
  • Procure goods or services using eProcurement
  • Manage your requisitions

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 1 hour

This course looks at the way you communicate, interact, and build relationships with your colleagues. Learn how your "signature strengths" help you excel and begin your path to better performance and higher engagement. Intended as an introduction to strengths, this solution is ideal for people who want a quick, focused approach to strengths-based professional development.

Learning objectives: 

  • Develop self-awareness of your 5 core strengths and their impact on your relationships
  • Increase your understanding of systems and in particular the system known as 'team'
  • Maximize your effectiveness
  • Learn to identify strengths in others
  • Achieve success
  • Use this information for your career development

Prior to attending this session, purchase and complete the CliftonStrengths Top 5 assessment. Cost $20 USD/person or approximately $25 - $30 CAD depending on exchange rate. Check with your manager whether your department can cover the cost or you could pay for it yourself.

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

Each year, employees and their managers assess performance based on the accountabilities in the job and the university competency models. Like any discussion on performance, the annual review is a two-way conversation. To get the most out of your annual review, proper preparation is key. In this 3-hour workshop, participants will explore how to prepare for their annual review meeting.  

Learning objectives: 

  • Describe the role of the self-assessment for annual reviews and use it to prepare for your meeting
  • Practice your responses to performance feedback
  • Confidently participate in your next annual review meeting

It is recommended to complete the Connect to Perform online module, Giving and Receiving Feedback, before attending this workshop.

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours
Note: This workshop is only offered during the annual assessment periods for Support Staff and Management & Professional Staff.

Delivering an engaging and informative presentation can sometimes be challenging. Great presentations aren't just about delivering important information; they also play a key role in influencing change, engaging participants, building relationships, and receiving feedback. With goals like these, it is important to have all the tools you need before presenting in front of participants. This course introduces participants to knowledge and concepts that can improve their presentation skills. The goal is to provide participants with assistance and understanding in developing and presenting informative and engaging content to their audience, whether they be peers or senior leaders. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to practice their new skills by delivering a short presentation to the group in a supportive and safe environment.

Learning objectives: 

  • Develop and deliver engaging presentations
  • Facilitate a presentation with increased confidence
  • Better understand their facilitation style

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

The practice of setting goals at work can help you prioritize, understand the impact of your work, and challenge you to stretch your limits. At the University of Calgary, setting goals in collaboration with your manager is also an important element in how performance is managed and assessed. In this 2.5-hour workshop, participants will explore goal-setting through discussion, reflection, and practice.

Learning objectives: 

  • Describe how individual goals can connect to university strategy
  • Describe the distinction between commit and stretch goals and use both to clarify measures of success for your work
  • Apply SMART as a diagnostic tool when setting goals
  • Reflect on the value-added activities of your team and use this insight to inform your goal-setting practice
  • Use the university goal-setting model to write effective goals

It is recommended to complete the Connect to Perform online module, Setting Goals, before attending this workshop.

Intended Audience: All Full Time Employees
Number of hours: 3 hours

Additional courses may be considered for credit. 

LinkedIn Learning (LiL) courses are no longer restricted to software offerings. You are now eligible for a maximum of 3 LiL courses. Other courses may be considered on a case by case basis. Course eligibility for UAdvance will depend on the following criteria — all criteria must be met in order to receive credit. 

  • Name of course and organization that offered/facilitated the offering
  • Two hours or longer
  • Course completed within the last 2 years
  • Confirmation of course attendance
  • Applicable to the current job or career progression