PeopleSoft HR Employee and Manager Self-Service is an intuitive, mobile device friendly interface that provides easy access for both employees and managers to their HR-related information and tasks.

Employee Self-Service

HR PeopleSoft Employee Self Service

Employees can access time, vacation, and benefits information from one easy to navigate homepage.

Manager Self-Service

HR PeopleSoft Manager Self Service

Managers can easily locate employee information and initiate people-related transactions. They can view their team’s vacation liability, job classifications, compensation, and absence information The tool also highlights time sensitive activities , such as contract end dates and performance review due dates.

PeopleSoft HR Manager Insights

Manager Insights, accessible through the Manager Self Service homepage, is a valuable tool that provides managers with a graphical view of direct reports’ vacation liability, 12 month rolling absences, compensating time off hours, and cost of additional hours in one view.

Enterprise Learning Management (ELM)

Via Employee and Manager Self Service, employees can access the Learning module to manage all their learning needs. 

For additional information, refer to the ELM reference guides on the Training and Development website

HR PeopleSoft Enterprise Learning Management (ELM)