Management and Professional Staff

All salaried employees must complete a timesheet when they work outside of or are absent from work during their regularly scheduled hours of work. Time reported for salaried employees is called exception time because they are exceptions to your regular schedule. Exceptions include, but are not limited to: Vacation (VAC) and Sick Leave (SIC).

Time exceptions must be reported on a semi-monthly basis in your Self Service menu via the MyUCalgary portal. 

If you partially enter your timesheet, and want to save it – hit 'submit' it will save what you have entered and you can back and edit you entry at any time prior to the timesheet lock. A standard work day is 7 hours/day.

Here are some links to information that will assist you with entering salaried exception time:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After three (3) months of employment, Full-time employees (Regular, Fixed Term and Limited Term) are eligible for 130 days of sick leave benefit.
  • A portion of these 130 days are provided at 100% paid and another portion at 70% paid. The percentage of 70% and 100% paid sick days an employee receives is based on their service with the university.
  • The 130 days sick leave benefit is provided to an employee to cover all sick time, both occasional illness and longer term illness that may extend up to six (6) months.
  • Part-time* employees (Regular, Fixed Term and Limited Term) receive a pro-rated amount of sick leave proportionate to their regular hours of work.
  • If you miss work due to illness your absence must be coded in your timesheet as sick, using the Time Reporting Code (TRC) SIC.
  • There is no need to identify the type of sick leave when you code an absence due to illness (i.e. 100% paid, 30% unpaid). The system will determine the type of sick leave for which you are eligible.

Your sick leave balances are available on your timesheet. All your leave entitlements are listed under Balances. Click on the link in the timesheet to view your balances.

The sick balance indicates the number of sick hours that you will be compensated for at 100% of your normal pay.

The sick 70% balance indicates the number of sick hours that you will be compensated for at 70% of your normal pay.

Inform your manager as soon as possible and the time will be entered on your behalf.

You or your manager should notify Staff Wellness if you have been, or will be off work longer than five (5) consecutive days due to illness or injury. An Ability Management Consultant (AMC) from Staff Wellness will contact you.

Staff Wellness will work with you if you are on leave due to an extended illness or injury; however it is important for you to check your sick leave balances and to be aware of when your balances are depleted and how that will affect your pay.

If your illness is for an extended period of time the Staff Wellness Ability Management Consultant (AMC) will work with you to apply for coverage through our long term disability carrier prior to your sick leave entitlements running out.