Performance Management

The performance year runs July 1 to June 30 for MaPS, and April 1 to March 31 for Support Staff.

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Annual Reviews

Create a formal record of all the hard work and achievements over the past year, explore development opportunities, and summarize insights.

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Mid-year Reviews

Half-way through the year, check in for a formal discussion to exchange feedback, revisit goals/expectations and update the development plan.

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Probation Reviews

Before the conclusion of the probationary period, managers determine if the employee is suitable for the role and complete a probationary review.

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Request a Performance Document

All MaPS and most Support Staff automatically receive an online review document every year. Managers can request a document for employees that don’t already have one.


Performance Review Privacy Statement

Information collected during the Performance Review process is used for the purpose of assessing job performance.


Managers: Conducting Performance Review Meetings by Videoconference

Access helpful information for holding your performance review meetings remotely, by videoconference.

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