Reduced Duties Leading to Retirement

Academic Staff 


According to the Collective Agreement: An academic staff member holding a Continuing, Contingent Term, or Limited Term appointment who proposes to retire from the university on the date named by the staff member (in accordance with the provisions of the GFC Handbook) will be eligible to apply for reduced duties, immediately preceding the specified retirement.

During an approved Reduced Duties Leading to Retirement agreement, the staff member receives a corresponding reduction in pay. Future salary increases, where applicable would be applied based on the percentage of duties worked. The reduced assignment of duties will normally be one of the options below.


50% of regular hours (50% LWOP)

Duration: 2 years 

Basis of Salary: 50% salary

66 2/3% of regular hours (33 1/3% LWOP)

Duration: 3 years 

Basis of salary: 66 2/3% salary

75% of regular hours (25% LWOP) AND 50% of regular hours (50% LWOP)

Duration:                                                 Basis of Salary:

  • 2 years                                                  75% salary - maximum 2 years 
  • 1 year                                                     50% salary - maximum 1 year 

Alternative options may be proposed by the academic staff member for consideration by the Dean.

Benefits and Pension

  • During an approved Reduced Duties Leading to Retirement Program, group benefit coverage continues based on full salary. The university continues paying the employer share of benefit premiums and the staff member continues paying the employee share, where applicable.

  • Pension contributions on reduced salary are paid equally by the staff member and university. The university will pay the employee and employer contributions on the unsalaried (leave) portion. Pensionable salary and service are determined on full-time basis.

  • The portion of employee contribution paid by the university is a taxable benefit.
  • Annual vacation, special leave, and sick leave entitlements and any salary increases will be based on the reduced workload.

  • As EI and CPP are salary-based deductions, premiums may decrease based on the percentage of reduced salary received. The EI and CPP benefits, therefore, may also be reduced. 

  • Once a Reduced Duties Leading to Retirement application has been approved it cannot be rescinded except by mutual agreement between the Parties to the Collective Agreement.