Grad Students

Graduate Assistants – Research (GSGAR) assist a researcher with his/her research responsibilities. This work is delivered on an hourly basis and requires that Grad Students submit a timesheet for all hours worked. A Job Aid on how to enter time is included next. To ensure you are paid in a timely manner, timesheets must be submitted on a semi-monthly basis. The payroll deadline calendar identifies the timesheet cut-off dates for each semi-monthly pay. Familiarize yourself with these timelines to ensure there are not disruptions to your pay

Grad Assistant (Research) appointments are paid out of project funds and therefore you need to enter the appropriate funding source for all hours worked. Before entering time it is important to confirm with your manager or the project owner about the appropriate Fund, Department, Project and Activity to which time you worked should be coded.

For more information, see how to use timesheets.