Code of Conduct

The university has revised the Code of Conduct to comply with provincial legislation. The revised code was approved by the Board of Governors on March 22, 2019 and is in effect as of July 1, 2019. We encourage you to carefully review the following Frequently Asked Questions, which are divided by employment group where applicable. 

The deadline to submit the Conflict of Interest Disclosure form is March 5, 2021 for SLT members and Non-academic staff Members.

General Questions

The revised Code of Conduct is effective July 1, 2019.

The Code of Conduct applies to:

  • Employees, including Postdoctoral Scholars
  • Academic Staff Members (including sessionals)
  • Appointees (adjuncts, clinical appointees, visiting researchers and scholars)
  • Volunteer Appointees: members of the university’s Board of Governors or a committee of the Board of Governors, a member of the Senate, or a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors
  • Students
  • The Conflicts of Interest Act was extended by the Government of Alberta to public agencies, including over 20 post-secondary institutions, and set out a number of specific items that had to be included in public agencies’ codes of conduct.
  • As such, the university was required to introduce a more comprehensive Code of Conduct to incorporate the items set out in the Conflicts of Interest Act.

The university’s amended Code of Conduct was approved by the Alberta Ethics Commissioner, as required by legislation, and by the university’s Board of Governors.

The most notable revisions to the university’s Code of Conduct relate to concurrent employment and appointments, and to gifts and invitations to events and conferences.