Conflicts of Commitment and Outside Professional Activity

A Conflict of Commitment exists when an Employee’s or Appointee’s concurrent employment or other outside activities adversely affects their ability to fulfil their university responsibilities.

Employees and Appointees

I am an Employee/Appointee and I am about to engage in activity that might give rise to a conflict of commitment. What do I do?

If you think that an activity which you are planning to undertake may give rise to a Conflict of Commitment, you must disclose the activity to your SLT Member and obtain their written approval prior to engaging in the activity. 


As a member of SLT, when should I approve an activity that may give rise to a Conflict of Commitment?

You should only approve an activity reported by an Employee or Appointee if you are satisfied that they will still be able to devote sufficient time and energy to effectively fulfil their university responsibilities.

Academic Staff Member

How do the Conflict of Commitment requirements impact my Outside Professional Activity?

  • Conflict of Commitment does not, by definition, apply to Academic Staff Members. Academic Staff Members may only engage in major Outside Professional Activity (OPA) that complies with the terms of the Collective Agreement.
  • Academic Staff Members are required to report all proposed major OPA in accordance with the Collective Agreement.