Provost's Salary Adjustments

Academic staff members eligible for consideration of a Salary Adjustment shall hold a Continuing, Contingent Term or Limited Term appointment.

A Dean (or equivalent) typically nominates an eligible academic staff member for a salary adjustment for consideration by the Provost (via the Academic Operations team). Use the Provost Fund Request form.

In order to ensure careful stewardship of the Provost’s Salary Adjustment Fund, responses to salary adjustment requests must be evidence based. Deans are requested to supply the following information/documentation when requesting a salary adjustment for an academic staff member.

  • Information relative to the academic staff member’s strategic importance to the University and the Faculty.
  • The academic staff member’s increment history together with any awards, recognition received by the academic staff member, or other indicators of exceptional quality that would warrant a salary adjustment from the Provost’s Fund.
  • A case establishing the need for a base rank salary adjustment rather than a market supplement or other enhanced forms of support (e.g. letter of offer from another institution or evidence of approach by another institution).
  • Arguments demonstrating that a base rank salary adjustment is the best way of addressing the issue.
  • Market data where appropriate and available.
  • Confirmation that the Dean, or designate, has met with the academic staff member to discuss the matter and in departmentalized Faculties, an indication of whether or not the Dean has consulted with the Head.
  • An analysis of the impact of the proposed upgrade on salary patterns within the Faculty.

If a Dean is unwilling to nominate an academic staff member, that academic staff member may request in writing directly to the Provost for a salary adjustment. In order to consider such a request, the Provost will consult with the Dean (or equivalent).