Questions for New Hires

One-on-One Meetings 

Questions for New Hires

These are great questions to ask during one-on-one meetings for the first 3-4 months at UCalgary. 

Source: 16 Questions to Ask New Hires

  • What one thing strikes you most about your new job?

  • What aspect of your job excites you the most?

  • What aspect of your job worries you

  • Do you feel well prepared for your work?

  • Would you say that you are starting to master your responsibilities?

  • Has the help you’ve received been useful or a distraction?

  • What types of questions have you been asking?

  • How would you describe the training you have received?

  • What do you wish you had been told, taught, or shown?

  • Should onboarding have been longer, shorter, or was it just about right?

  • How prepared do you feel for the next few months?

  • Now that we are past the initial onboarding, how would you describe that process?

  • How did onboarding make you feel more or less confident about performing well at your job?

  • What type of information would you have wanted more of? Less of?

  • If you knew someone starting a job at the university, would you tell them that the early days are nothing to worry about?