UCalgary Policies

University policies and procedures ensure that all university staff, students, and community members are a part of the same positive and enriching environment.

Please ensure that you are aware of these and other relevant UCalgary policies and procedures by visiting the UCalgary Policies Website.   

The University’s mission of teaching, research and service to community requires a shared commitment to the core values of the University as well as a commitment to conduct University activities ethically. The purpose of this policy is to communicate the University’s expectations with respect to the behavior of Employees, Academic Staff Members, Students, Postdoctoral Scholars and Appointees.

The purpose of this policy is to: a) ensure appropriate use of the Electronic Communication System; and b) reduce the risk of loss, corruption, and mismanagement of, or unauthorized access to information stored in the Electronic Communication System.

If applicable to your role, your manager may ask you to review and sign the Employee Confidentiality Agreement.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a healthy work experience by helping Employees attain a work/life balance while ensuring the operational needs of the University are being met. This policy applies to full-time AUPE regular, limited term, fixed term or sessional Employees who have successfully completed their probationary periods and whose faculty or department participate in a Flex-time work arrangement. This policy does not apply to academic staff or management and professional staff (MaPS).

The purpose of this policy is to enhance awareness of the rights and responsibilities of individuals subjected to, or who become aware of, Harassment. This policy applies to Employees, Academic Staff Members, Appointees, Postdoctoral Scholars, Students, Contractors and Volunteers.

The purpose of this policy is to: Define the roles and responsibilities for occupational health and safety within the University community; Identify accountability for establishing a system to facilitate the protection of members of the University community from accidents and hazards; and Comply with applicable law.

This policy applies to unionized Employees and exempt-by-position Employees. It does not apply to academic staff members or Management and Professional Staff (MaPS). The purpose of this policy is to promote a healthy work experience by: recognizing the need for occasional Overtime to meet extraordinary situations; and ensuring that Overtime hours and premiums are: i. Administered consistently, fairly and equitably; ii. Recorded accurately; iii. Paid correctly; iv. Are compliant with the current Collective Agreement; and v. Do not impact negatively on the individual or the University of Calgary.

The University of Calgary is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who work and study at the University or who otherwise interact with the University in accordance with the standards set out in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The purpose of this policy is to tell individuals how the University fulfills that commitment.

The University of Calgary is committed to providing a safe and healthy work, learning, and living environment for faculty, staff, students, contractors and visitors. The purpose of this policy is: a) to promote a smoke-free environment; b) to ensure that the University is in compliance with the City of Calgary Smoking Bylaw, Alberta Tobacco Reduction Act; and c) to establish educational programs and assistance for University staff and students who currently smoke or use tobacco products and wish to quit.

The University of Calgary strives to provide a healthy workplace that supports a work/life balance and provides employees with an uninterrupted period of time away from their regular duties to promote work-life balance. The purpose of this policy is to provide a consistent approach to managing vacation.