Onboarding Academic Staff

Checklist for managers

This checklist is a valuable tool designed to assist the hiring manager (department head, associate dean or dean) with a clear and efficient process with which to onboard your new academic staff. The process is also supported by the academic onboarding coordinator in your faculty. 

Before Their First Day

Ensure new hires complete the vaccine attestation as soon as possible as a requirement of their employment.




Automated notification of hire or transfer is sent

An automated notification email will be sent to the Reports to Manager and identified Onboarding Coordinator once the new hire has been entered in the HR system.


Arrange office and lab space (if applicable) 

Contact Environment, Health and Safety to ensure the proposed lab space meets minimum requirements and is suitable for the intended purpose (eg. Research, teaching, equipment, storage, etc.) Contact Environment, Health and Safety at ucsafety@ucalgary.ca or call 403.220.6345. 


Send a welcome email to the new hire

Refer to the welcome email template to send a welcome email to your new hire one day after you receive the new hire notification email confirming the hire has been processed. 

***Remote Onboarding for New Staff***

 Please include the following information in the welcome email:


Send an introductory email to staff in your faculty and/or department 

Refer to the introductory email template to send an introductory email to your faculty and/or department after the hire has been confirmed.  


Assign an onboarding buddy

The buddy system is designed to support and provide new hires with guidance and information to assist their transition into their new role.


Arrange for IT needs

If your new hire requires any IT hardware, software, or access, you should submit an IT onboarding form as early as soon as possible to ensure IT has adequate time to provide the needed items prior to their first day. Ensure your new hire is familiar with UCalgary’s Acceptable use of Electronic Resources and Information policy, and has signed the Oath of Confidentiality if applicable.

***Remote Onboarding for New Staff***

If the new employee need a work computer and/or accessories, please complete the IT Onboarding and Computer Request Form as per standard operational process and provide the best contact information and be prepared for IT to contact you and your new hire to coordinate the remote onboarding equipment and setup for logistics on how to get item(s) to the employee.

For more info, see “Resources for working remotely”.

Campus Phones:

Please note there will not be any on site installs being done on campus at this time however if there is an existing phone it can be prepared for the new person including voicemail. For further assistance please contact IT and someone from our IT Voice Operations will contact you.


Connect with the onboarding coordinator

Check in with the onboarding coordinator to ensure the following:  

  • Workspace requirements are met  

  • The new academic is registered in Teaching Development Training 

  • The new academic will completed mandatory online Health and Safety courses through Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) within the first week of employment. 

  • Suggested meetings are scheduled to help get the new academic connected 

  • The Project Request form for start-up funds is completed and signed (if applicable) 

  • University credit card applications are authorized (if applicable) 

  • Make arrangements with Finance/HR/IT services teams if your new hire will be a key administrative contact (if applicable) 

On and After Their First Day

Welcome your new Academic and make introductions 

***Remote Onboarding for New Staff***

Set up team meeting through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other online video chat platform that is used by the team.


Download the appropriate orientation and training checklists for managers from the Environment, Health and Safety website.


If new hires have health hazards identified on their hazard assessment and control form (HACF) they must book an Occupational Health Assessment with Staff Wellness.


Introduce new hires to the  Campus Mental Health Strategy and WellBeing and WorkLife and encourage new hires to utilize the many resources available to support wellbeing at UCalgary


Discuss workload expectations and the formal assessment process — be sure to cover the topics below.  


Sign the employee confidentiality agreement

Print and sign the employee confidentiality agreement yourself and have the new hire sign as well.