Vacation and Leaves

Senior Leadership Team



All SLT members earn twenty five (25) working days (or five weeks) of vacation each academic year (July 1 to June 30). This amount will be pro-rated for part-time appointments or appointments that do not start on July 1. For the purpose of managing and planning vacation, balances will display for all SLT members on each pay advice.

*Please note that annual vacation allowances must be used in the same year they are earned and cannot be carried over to future academic years.


To ensure accuracy of vacation balances and to encourage all SLT members to use their full vacation allowance each year, senior leaders are expected to report vacation taken each month on a the Vacation Taken form. SLT members and their EA will be notified each month and asked to submit this form, reporting any vacation that was taken in the prior month.

Leave for Urgent Personal Reasons

An SLT member shall be granted leave of absence from regular duties and responsibilities for urgent personal reasons for up to ten (10) work days, upon approval by their supervisor (President or Vice-President).

Examples of leaves for urgent personal reasons may include:

  • (a) illness within the immediate family
  • (b) bereavement
  • (d) to attend a funeral service
  • (e) to attend a family graduation ceremony

When, owing to an emergency, an SLT member must be absent from regular duties and responsibilities before formal approval from their supervisor, the SLT member shall advise the supervisor (President or Vice-President) of the circumstances within two (2) work days of departure and provide an estimate of the time that they expect to be absent from duties.

Leaves for urgent personal reasons shall be without loss of salary and benefits.

The length of the leave shall be based on a consideration of the closeness of the family relationship, travel time required, and other relevant circumstances but shall not exceed twenty (20) work days in total. Reasonable consideration shall be given by the President and/or Vice-President to a request for a further period of Special Leave when the maximum length of this leave proves to be insufficient as per Article 18 – Leaves, in the Faculty Association Collective Agreement.