Academic Tuition Support Application Process

Next Steps

Before applying for tuition support benefits, check your eligibility for benefits.

The Tuition Support benefit program covers the core cost of tuition for undergraduate and graduate academic credit courses at the University of Calgary.

Undergraduate and Graduate course details

  • The course must be an academic credit course at the University of Calgary, have an Academic course number and with registration through University of Calgary Student Enrolment Services.
  • Tuition Support benefits can be used to audit an Academic credit course.
  • The benefit eligible student can apply as an Open Studies Student if they are taking courses without being registered in a declared degree program.
  • Thesis based graduate programs do have a portion of costs that are considered “tuition” and would be eligible for tuition support benefit. On the application you can apply for benefits for the amount of the tuition and enter 1 for the number of courses. 
  • Individual courses may vary from the course fees listed on the University of Calgary Fee Chart. The student is responsible for any additional course costs over and above the course fee posted on the Fee Chart.
  • The benefit cannot be applied to courses taken at any other educational institution.

To participate in the Academic Tuition Support benefit, the student (staff member or eligible dependent) must be registered to attend classes at the University of Calgary.

The benefit period begins with the summer session even if the summer session start date is prior to July 1. 

An online Tuition Support Application Form must be submitted prior to the tuition and fee payment deadline for each academic term. A separate tuition support application form is required for each applicant (staff member or eligible dependent(s)). The tuition support benefit application form is available just prior to the start of the session and is available up until the fee deadline for the session.

Application are only accepted for the current session. If the student is continuing to take academic credit courses at the University of Calgary a separate application is required for each session. Applications will not be accepted in advance for courses beyond the current session.

If both spouses are staff members, a separate application is required from both spouse’s. The application asks if your spouse is a staff member to aid in the coordination of benefits only.

For Academic undergraduate and graduate credit courses, pay the difference between the total fees and the anticipated tuition support benefit prior to the fee deadline to avoid any negative impact on the student account. Check the student account shortly after the fee deadline to verify the tuition support has been processed and there is no outstanding balance.


In the time just before the fee deadline for each session, go to the Tuition Support Application page.
The online application form cannot be saved so ensure that you have the following details available to complete your application.

Ensure you have the following details:

Employee Information

  • Employee UCID number
  • Employee first name
  • Employee last name
  • Employee Ucalgary email address

Student Information

  • Student first name
  • Student last name
  • Student ID number
  • Relationship between employee and student
  • Is the course Undergraduate? Or Graduate?
  • Total Number of half credit (3 units) courses
  • Total Dollar value of tuition fees

*if the employee’s spouse is also an employee please be prepared to provide their name and UCID number.

Only submit the form once complete. 

Following submission, you will receive an email confirming your application, including a time stamp record and the details of your submission.

Tuition Support applications submitted for both the Academic undergraduate and graduate credit courses must be verified and approved by Human Resources, Total Rewards – Group Benefits prior to the release of the tuition benefit amount to the Fees Office to place amount on the student account.

Verification of employment status and eligibility rules are audited based on the information provided in the tuition support application form. If benefit eligibility conditions are not met, tuition support benefit is denied and the staff member is responsible to pay the tuition fees.

Tuition support benefit will be applied to the student account after eligibility for this benefit is confirmed and after the fee deadline. Any Tuition Support applied is subject to further audit and may be changed should any discrepancies be found. 

Once the initial audits are complete and benefit amount applied to the student account a confirmation of approved tuition support benefit is sent to the staff member at the email address included in the application.

  1. Course Registration

    Register for your desired courses. 

  2. Submit Form

    Submit tuition support application form.

  3. Email Confirmation

    After submitting an application, a confirmation email will be sent to the staff member’s email address provided.

  4. Verification

    HR will audit the application. If there are any issues with the application an email will be sent prior to the fee deadline to advise the staff member or request additional information. Otherwise a confirmation of approved benefit amount email will be sent after the initial audits are complete and the benefit amount uploaded to the student account.