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Emeritus Status

On 1976-05-13 the Board of Governors approved a general procedure for the award of the titles "Professor Emeritus" and "Associate Professor Emeritus" to members of the academic staff retiring from regular full-time service, and noted that “recommendations shall come from Deans or Directors to the General Promotions Committee, which shall in turn give advice to the President on his recommendations to the Board".

Consistent with the above, emeritus status using appropriate titles has also been granted to members of the non-teaching academic staff retiring from regular full-time service.

Eligibility for consideration for emeritus status is based on:

  • retirement from the academic staff of The University of Calgary following a minimum of ten years' service while holding a "Continuing", "Contingent Term" or "Limited Term" (full or part-time) Board of Governors' appointment.
  • completion of a distinguished career.

In conferring emeritus status on retirement, the University will be:

  • giving formal and public recognition to the important contribution these individuals have
    made to the University,
  • maintaining an active linkage with an important and growing segment of the University
  • providing moral and other support to the continuing scholarly work of these individuals,
  • benefiting from the continued identification of these individuals with the University.

The granting of Emeritus status is strongly related to the cumulative record of annual assessments and performance evaluations conducted by Heads and Deans (or equivalent administrative officers), which are reviewed by FPC's and the GPC. Thus, an individual who has consistently demonstrated meritorious performance would normally be recommended for emeritus status on retirement.

Emeritus status, if granted, shall be at the rank held at retirement, and shall indicate the field of specialization (see emeritus listing in the current University Calendar for examples). Promotion to a higher rank shall not be considered on retirement. In exceptional cases the GPC and the President will consider a recommendation for a designation intended to confer special honour on the individual.

For academic appointees (Administrative and Professional), appropriate rank equivalent emeritus status may be awarded, e.g. Librarian Emeritus.

In special circumstances, an individual who has made a major contribution to the academic program of The University of Calgary but who does not meet all of the eligibility criteria set out in Section 11.1 may be recommended for emeritus status.

In January of each year the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) shall establish a list of individuals who meet the eligibility criteria set forth in Section 11.1, and shall seek advice from the appropriate Deans (or equivalent administrative officer) on whether the granting of emeritus status should be recommended to the President.

The process to be followed at the Faculty level shall be similar to that followed with regard to the promotion of an academic staff member from rank to rank; the Department Head (or equivalent) shall formulate a recommendation and transmit it to the Dean (or equivalent administrative officer), who shall seek the advice of the Faculty Promotions Committee before transmitting his/her recommendation to the Chair, General Promotions Committee.

The documentation provided to the GPC in support of each case shall consist of:

  • an up-to-date curriculum vitae, including a complete list of publications (or equivalent 
    scholarly contributions),
  • supporting recommendations from the Department Head and the Dean (or equivalent
    administrative officer), together with advice received from the Faculty Promotions

In a case where the Dean (or equivalent administrative officer) does not recommend the granting of emeritus status to an individual who meets the eligibility criteria, the Dean (or equivalent administrative officer) shall advise the Chair, GPC of the reasons in writing. All of the documentation assembled for the FPC, as set forth in Section 11.9, shall also be transmitted to the GPC, for an automatic complete review of the case.

In the interests of University-wide equity, the GPC shall review individually each case which meets the eligibility criteria, and transmit its recommendations to the President, normally when the results of the annual Spring meeting to review increment / promotion recommendations are submitted.

All retired staff are eligible for certain benefits and privileges as established from time to time by the Board of Governors. The following additional privileges will be provided to individuals holding emeritus status:

  • listing in the University Calendar;
  • names retained on all appropriate departmental, Faculty and University mailing lists
    (e.g. for receipt of newsletters, announcements, information on lectures, seminars,
    social functions, etc.);
  • business cards indicating emeritus status and title;
  • accorded the status of regular full-time continuing academic staff with respect to
    Library services

In cases where specific post-retirement agreements are entered into between the University and an individual holding emeritus status for services to be rendered in the University's teaching, research and/or service programs (with or without remuneration) on a 'limited term' basis, the individual shall have the privilege of using the emeritus designation and title.

On the advice of the Dean, the President may authorize specific individuals holding emeritus status to be granted access to University resources and services for specified purposes and periods of time.

For more information, please refer to the 2005 GPC Manual, Article 11.0 Emeritus Status.

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