Academic Staff (TUCFA)

Emeritus Status

On May 13, 1976, the Board of Governors approved the awarding of Emeritus status to members of the academic staff retiring from regular full time service.

Eligibility for consideration for Emeritus status is based on:

  • retirement from the University of Calgary following a minimum of ten years of service while holding a Continuing, Contingent Term or Limited Term Board of Governors’ appointment
  • completion of a distinguished career

The granting of Emeritus status is strongly related to the cumulative record of annual assessments and performance evaluations conducted by Heads and Deans. Thus, an individual who has consistently demonstrated meritorious performance would normally be recommended for emeritus status on retirement.

Benefits of Academics Granted Emeritus Status

In conferring emeritus status on retirement, the university will be:

  • giving formal and public recognition to the important contribution these individuals have made to the university
  • maintaining an active linkage with an important and growing segment of the university community
  • providing moral and other support to the continuing scholarly work of these individuals
  • benefiting from the continued identification of these individuals with the university

All retired staff is eligible for certain benefits and privileges as established from time to time by the Board of Governors. The following additional privileges will be provided to individuals holding emeritus status, a listing in the university Calendar, business cards indicating emeritus status and title, name retained on all appropriate departmental, Faculty and university mailing lists, accorded the status of regular full-time continuing academic staff with respect to Library services.

Procedure for Recommendation of Emeritus Status

  • academic operations will inform each faculty of all candidates that meet the eligibility requirements for Emeritus
  • the Head is required to make a recommendation to the Dean for each of these candidates
  • the Dean forwards these recommendations to Faculty Tenure and Promotions Committee (FTPC) for review. FTPC recommends to the Dean.
  • the Dean forwards his/her final recommendation to the Promotions Review Committee (PRC)

Documents Required by FTPC and PRC

  • an up-to-date curriculum vitae, including a complete list of publications (or equivalent
    scholarly contributions)
  • supporting recommendations from the Department Head and the Dean (or equivalent
    administrative officer), together with advice received from the Faculty Promotions

For more information, please refer to the 2005 GPC Manual, Article 11.0 Emeritus Status.

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