Overload Duties

Extra Remuneration Payments

1.4.1 The remuneration paid for overload duties, Spring and Summer Session teaching or duties voluntarily assigned under article 12.11 shall be determined on the basis of a minimum of:

  • $6,232 per half course equivalent
  • $12,463 per full course

1.4.2 The salary rate for overload duties, Spring and Summer Session teaching or duties voluntarily assigned under Article 12 may be reduced in cases where an academic staff member is appointed to teach a very small class as follows:

a) 2 students = 2/3 of the normal rate

b) 1 student = 1/3 of the normal rate.

Overload duties shall not be assigned to any academic staff member holding a less than full-time appointment. When additional duties are assigned to Continuing, Limited Term or Contingent Term appointees holding less than a full-time appointment, the terms of the appointment shall be amended to reflect the proportion of such additional duties.