WCB Instructions for Managers

Faculty and staff

The University of Calgary is committed to fostering a safe working, learning and research environment. Despite our best efforts, injuries and accidents can happen. When they do, it is important to minimize the impact of these injuries by focusing on timely medical care and returning faculty and staff back to safe and meaningful work as soon as medically suitable.

Staff Wellness works closely with all stakeholders to implement early and safe return to work plans for faculty and staff who have experienced a work-related injury or illness. Plans may include modified or alternate duties, which have been shown to help reduce injury recovery time and improve medical outcomes.

Report it

  • Any serious injury/illness that is, or is alleged to be, work related — including those that require medical assessment by a physician — should be immediately reported to Campus Security at 403.220.5333.
  • Complete the Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) report within 24 hours of receiving notification of the accident or incident.
  • Staff Wellness will submit the WCB Employer’s Report based on the information contained in the OARS report.
  • When appropriate, reach out to the injured faculty/staff member’s emergency contact.

Seek Treatment

If your faculty/staff member requires medical treatment by a physician there are two options:

  1. Refer the faculty/staff member to Staff Wellness at 403.220.2918 to coordinate a same-day appointment  with an Occupational Injury Services (OIS) clinic.
    This option is voluntary.
  2. Provide faculty/staff member with the Functional Abilities Form to bring to the physician of their choosing (family physician, walk-in, or emergency).
  • For more information on the benefits of OIS, click here.
  • Functional Abilities Form can be accessed here.
  • Arrange for appropriate transportation (i.e. taxi) and accompany the faculty/staff member to either the physician of their choosing, an OIS clinic, or the hospital. You should not drive them in your vehicle or a university vehicle.
  • Discuss potential modified work opportunities so this information can be shared with the physician.

Plan Employee's Return to Work

  • You are required to participate in return-to-work and accommodation efforts, including finding modified work, if required.
  • Contact the Ability Management Advisor for further support in determining suitable modified work.
  • Once clearance is received — for regular or modified duties — the university is expected to return the faculty/staff member to work as soon as possible (i.e next day).
  • If modified duties are required, complete the Modified Work Agreement and provide a copy to the Ability Management Advisor.