Rating Scales

Support Staff

Overall Performance

During the annual review, the manager selects a rating that reflects the overall performance of the individual, considering achievement of job expectations and demonstration of competencies. Employees do not select an overall performance rating during the self-assessment.

This individual does not meet the job expectations or demonstrates the required competencies for the role. Inadequate or little progress has been made. Significant improvement is required immediately.  

This individual partially demonstrates the required skills and competencies expected for the role. Improvement is required to meet expectations.

This individual consistently demonstrates the required skills and competencies expected for the role and occasionally exceeded expectations.

This individual consistently achieves and frequently exceeds job expectations. They demonstrate a high level of capability on all core competencies.  

Goals and Expectations

This aspect of performance assessment considers job expectations (detailed in the job profile) and/or specific goals/expectations that were established for the year.

Introduced in the 2019/2020 performance year, expectations and goals are established and assessed using the online performance document. Employees and managers enter comments to describe progress made toward the actions and measurements that were defined. Ratings are not required.

For support staff without an online document, establishing goals/expectations using an offline goal setting template remains at the discretion of the manager.


This aspect of performance assessment considers performance relative to the 8 Core Competencies.

Does not demonstrate this competency at the expected level and immediate improvement is needed for success.

Some knowledge, skill, or ability is demonstrated in this competency. Improvement is required to meet expectations. The individual has some skill which allows them to sometimes meet expectations. They may be new to the role or have had limited opportunity to demonstrate full capacity.

Demonstrates capable and satisfactory performance and can be relied upon to successfully achieve expectations. Used required skills to succeed in moderately complex and everyday situations. This individual consistently meets and occasionally exceeds competency expectations.

Demonstrates a deep understanding and skill that goes above the expectations of the role. This individual excels in both complex and everyday situations. They consistently act as a role model for this competency for their peers.