Getting Started

New Continuing Education Instructor Onboarding Steps

Seven Onboarding Essentials

Every new employee should take care of these seven essentials before moving on to your role-specific checklist.

Continuing Education Instructor Onboarding

There is a lot to learn about the University of Calgary and your new role. That is why you will be enrolled into the Continuing Education (ContEd) Instructor Guide. This online course is a digital Instructor Handbook and as an instructor, you are required to review and meet all deadlines and expectations for your course preparation and delivery. This course provides you with all of the information you need to understand key policies, procedures, systems and processes required to do your job.

To access the course, go to the Instructor Login, just like you access your own courses, using your 8-digit UCID and My Destiny password.  You may follow this step-by-step tutorial as well.

The following activities are mandatory and must be completed by each instructor prior to the start date of their course:

a) Complete the Mandatory Health and Safety Training. You will be automatically enrolled in Occupational Health and Safety Orientation, and Harassment & Violence Awareness Training. (one time successful completion only).

b) Submit your course outline and assignments to your Program Manager for approval 4 weeks prior to the course start date in MS Word format only.

c) Familiarize yourself with the University of Calgary Policies and Procedures including Principles of Conduct.

Within the Continuing Education Instructor Guide you will find the following modules:

  1.    Teaching with Continuing Education
  2.    Designing Your Course
  3.    Before Your Course
  4.    During your Course
  5.    After your Course
  6.    Campus Resources
  7.    Professional Development
  8.    Templates & Checklist

   Should you have any questions or difficulty with your login credentials, contact Continuing Education at or 403-220-2866.