Hiring Funds Held on Behalf of Others (FHOBO) Appointments

FHOBO (Funds Held on Behalf of Others) organizations are non-profit organizations located on the University of Calgary campus. The University holds funds for these organizations and pays its employees on their behalf. Each FHOBO organization is managed by its Executive Director/Project Manager. FHOBO employees can be hired on an hourly or salaried basis.

Once the FHOBO organization has identified a candidate who requires pay through the University of Calgary, they should initiate a Template Based Hire form. It is important to remember that University of Calgary cannot pay anyone who is not legally entitled to work in Canada. The Template-Based Hire form can only be initiated once all immigration documentation is in place.

Submit a Template-Based Hire Form

Once an offer has been accepted you can hire the FHOBO job via the Template-Based Hire (TBH) form in Human Resources PeopleSoft. See below for step-by-step job aids that outline this process in detail.

The online TBH form will automatically flow to all applicable approvers. Once the hire is processed in PeopleSoft an automatic notification is sent to the employee’s Reports to Manager.