U Make a Difference Award

2016 Recipients 

Congratulations 2016 Recipients

Congratulations to the 2016, U Make a Difference Award recipients. 

Thank you for your performance, commitment and service. Thank you for making the University of Calgary a great place to learn and work. 

Dr. Robert Barclay


Dr. Robert Barclay is a Professor and Department Head of Biological Sciences in the Faculty of Science.

Robert’s exceptional work ethic, caring personality and outstanding listening skills mark him as a tremendous leader. He promotes a positive work environment on his team, including encouraging and modeling a healthy work-life balance. His openness and honesty have helped his colleagues develop their leadership skills and his influence has spread within his department and beyond. 

Congratulations Robert! 

Tracy Beauregard


Tracy Beauregard is the Operations Manager in the Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS).

Tracy is a very proficient administrative leader who has had a significant impact on EVDS and the wider university community. Tracy is tenacious in her ability to get the job done and always perseveres to see results. She is known for providing logical and effective solutions to problems. Tracy is also a strong advocate for health and safety at the university.

Congratulations Tracy! 

Brenda Bode


Brenda Bode is a Senior Administrative Assistant in the Faculty of Nursing.

Brenda was nominated for always going above and beyond to help her colleagues and has been described as a role model to those around her. Brenda actively seeks to collaborate with others and fosters productive work relationships within the Faculty of Nursing, the university community and with external partners/agencies. Brenda’s kind and respectful disposition has contributed to making the Faculty of Nursing a very positive work environment.

Congratulations Brenda!

Kelly Burak


Kelly Burak is the Director of Innovation and Teaching for the Cumming School of Medicine (Undergraduate Medical Education). 

Kelly is someone who embraces change and is never shy to try something new. He is always planning and developing new and exciting ways to innovatively teach content to keep students engaged and inspired. Kelly’s medical skills and knowledge is exemplary and his dedication to his students, his colleagues and his patients is always evident.

Congratulations Kelly!

Charlene Chia

Charlene Chia is a Coordinator, Training and Leadership Development for Residence Services.

Charlene is a self-starter who strives to create a positive work environment and is always keen to take on new challenges. She is very well known in residence services for creating and developing initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle, cultural awareness and community service. Her warm and welcoming personality, her caring and passionate attitude and her endless support make her a very strong community shaper and an excellent recipient for a U Make a Difference Award.

Congratulations Charlene!  

Janice Crawford


Janice Crawford is a Graduate Programs Administrator in the Faculty of Science (Chemistry).

Janice (Jan) is a tireless advocate for students on a daily basis. Regardless of the situation, Jan always shows a caring attitude by listening as well as offering advice on matters that often extend beyond her responsibilities – she is very resourceful. She has been described as a beacon of calm in the midst of life’s daily storms and we commended Jan for her ability to inspire positivity and optimism.

Congratulations Jan! 

Jonathan Gallagher


Jonathan Gallagher is a Senior PhD Graduate Student in the Faculty of Science (Computer Science).

Jonathan was nominated for his ability to create a positive, inspiring and warm environment for all of his peers working in his laboratory environment. He adds value to all those studying in the lab by encouraging discussion about each other’s research, common interests and by promoting a sense of connectedness. He has been described as someone who selflessly helps others in their life, in their course work and in their research.

Congratulations Jonathan!

Marty Heeg

Marty Heeg is a Senior Consultant, Organizational Development and Change in Human Resources (HR).

Marty has built and maintained exemplary and collaborative relationships both within HR and across the university. Marty always works collaboratively, listening carefully to other points of view, supporting initiatives across the university and contributing to discussions in valuable and meaningful ways. He has been described by his colleagues as an exemplary professional and a valued coach and mentor.

Congratulations Marty!

Zahra Hossain

Zahra Hossain is a Teaching and Learning Coordinator in the Haskayne School of Business.

Zahra has proven time and time again her ability to innovate and apply original ideas and improve processes in her area. She also brings a positive spirit to her team with her inspiring work ethic and helpful attitude. Zahra is a hard working individual who generates new ideas, modifies processes and drives herself and those around her to go above and beyond.

Congratulations Zahra! 

Glynn Hunter

Glynn Hunter is the Director of International Relations in University of Calgary International.

Glynn has a deep and nuanced understanding of the complex university environment, as well as insight into the university’s relationship with external stakeholders. He knows how to effectively engage the university community and has successfully advanced innovative practices and standards in international education. Glynn is a supportive leader, who always approaches work in a kind and respectful manner and is a strong believer in collaboration.

Congratulations Glynn!

Loreen Huras


Loreen Huras is the Director of Talent Management in Human Resources.

Loreen has a unique ability to step back and see problems through a lens of opportunity. She has a proactive approach to her work and is always looking towards achieving results that will positively impact the goals of the university. Loreen is known for inspiring others to bring a creative and problem solving approach to their work. Her leadership has made a profound difference to her team, the people who work with her, and the broader university community.

Congratulations Loreen! 

Dr. Lorne Jaques

Dr. Lorne Jaques is the Director of Graduate Student Affairs in the Faculty of Social Work.

Lorne has a collaborative approach to his work that helps to strength relationships and fosters healthy habits across the faculty. Lorne has been recognized for his welcoming personality and the support he provides for his colleagues and for students. He has been described as a “key spark” in many conversations about the future of the Faculty of Social Work and always drives to advance the faculty’s profile at the national and international level.

Congratulations Lorne!

Dr. Jennifer Lock

Dr. Jennifer Lock is the Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning at the Werklund School of Education.

Jennifer was nominated for her ability to bring people together from across faculties and the university and her commitment to idea sharing and building partnerships. She is passionate about teaching and learning and believes in a continuous improvement approach while supporting others to achieve their goals.

Congratulations Jennifer! 

Stephen Mason

Stephen Mason is an Academic Advisor in the Student Success Centre.

Steve has been described as a natural innovator and problem solver. He values team work and goes out of his way to support all team members, especially new ones, to make the university a great place to work and learn. Through his enthusiasm for advising, passion for student success, empathy for diverse student challenges, and contributions to a positive work environment, Steve makes an impact on a daily basis.

Congratulations Steve!

Isadora Mok-Kulakova

Isadora Mok-Kulakova is the Online Learning Environment Lead for the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.

Isadora’s (Izzy) patience and perseverance are a constant source of inspiration for her colleagues and others. She was nominated for her ability to creatively solve problems, in part because she has a deep understanding of the technologies that are available and how they can enable meaningful connections, communication and learning. Izzy continues to ensure all instructors and students are able to have high quality online learning experiences.

Congratulations Izzy! 

Cindy Schasny

Cindy Schasny is an Administrative Assistant in Human Resources (HR).

Cindy is known for utilizing her considerable experience to deliver creative solutions to meet the needs of all of the clients she works with. Cindy has used her creativity and determination to provide quality results even when faced with an enormous volume of projects on her plate. She has been described as persistent, proactive, innovative, adaptable, and positive influence on the HR team.

Congratulations Cindy!

Drew Scherban

Drew Scherban is a Media Relations Advisor in Strategic Communications in University Relations.

Drew is unwavering in his pursuit to make improvements and always finds ways to do things more efficiently in his daily work. He has been described by his colleagues as tenacious, creative, and enthusiastic. Drew’s innovative approach has delivered outstanding impact, with tremendous benefits that will serve the university well in the years to come.

Congratulations Drew!

Heather Smith-Watkins

Heather Smith-Watkins is a Planning and Reviews Analyst in the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

Heather is a hard working individual who is committed to promoting health and wellness initiatives to her colleagues. She was nominated for fostering a productive work environment, consistently engaging with the university community and acting as a strong role model in mentoring positive behaviour.

Congratulations Heather!

Janet Stein

Janet Stein is the Director of Risk Management and Insurance in Risk.

Janet works tirelessly to ensure a positive work and living environment in which all students, faculty, staff and visitors can enjoy a safe and secure campus. Janet’s vast institutional knowledge, as well as her ability to articulate and synthesize issues in a positive and proactive way, makes all of her interactions at work productive. Janet is a true team player – she is generous, dedicated, and enthusiastic and always acts with complete integrity.

Congratulations Janet!

Leda Stawnychko

Leda Stawnychko is the Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives in the Cumming School of Medicine (Community Health Sciences).

Leda has a vibrant energy and optimism that stimulates colleagues to want to do more for their department. On numerous occasions she has demonstrated a high level of perseverance and exceptional initiative to not only generate creative ideas for projects, but always see them through to completion. She has been described as a supportive, approachable and caring individual who is very hard working.

Congratulations Leda!

Johanne Tottle

Johanne Tottle is the Manager of Student Accessibility Services in Student and Enrolment Services.

Johanne is a champion for student needs and is well regarded for her collaborative skills, patience and commitment to developing creative solutions. Her ability to advocate, support and educate, often during very difficult situations is commendable and her flexible approach always keeps both the university and student’s best interests in mind.

Congratulations Johanne!

Adriana Tulissi

Adriana Tulissi is the Manager of the Faith and Spirituality Centre in Student and Enrolment Services.

Adriana is an active and passionate supporter of collaboration and champion for inter-cultural understanding. Her passion and natural sense of curiosity motivates her to delve into new areas, pushing others to examine and question issues. Adriana was nominated for her leadership and for often providing a voice to others across a broad spectrum of issues.

Congratulations Adriana!

Dr. Raymond Turner

Dr. Raymond Turner is the Associate Dean, Research Grants in the Cumming School of Medicine.

Raymond (Ray) has been fundamental in creating and supporting new programs in the Cumming School of Medicine and ensuring their success. His colleagues have described him as someone who has unmatched enthusiasm when it comes to research excellence and achievement. As a researcher and mentor, Ray is responsive and extremely collaborative. He has cultivated collegial connections with his faculty colleagues and all faculty and staff across campus.

Congratulations Ray!

Patrick Yu

Patrick Yu is an Undergraduate Lab Technician in the Faculty of Science (Chemistry).

Patrick was nominated first and foremost for his exceptional dedication and enthusiasm. Patrick has an unwavering commitment to his job and is someone who loves his work and is a tireless promoter – a trait that makes for a positive work environment. He is a resourceful problem-solver and is very conscientious about ensuring that the experiments are working for the best possible learning experience.

Congratulations Patrick! 

Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Committee

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Committee was tasked with making recommendations to the University of Calgary on this sensitive policy issue. Their meetings that were information-dense, rigorous in their attention to validated evidence, balanced in their approach and openly consultative. With their deep, entwined skill sets, their commitment to collegial governance and their own unique expertise and knowledge, this team was able to produce a polished, sophisticated report, within some very tight time constraints, and it has the full support of every member of the committee. The work of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Committee has put the university on a path that will make us national leaders in preventing sexual violence. 


  • Nanako Furuyama – Coordinator, Women’s Resource Centre in Student and Enrolment Services
  • Angela Gallo-Dewar – Senior Specialist, Academic and Student Services in the Faculty of Law
  • Renata Gordon – Operations Assistant, Student Services Administration in Student and Enrolment Services
  • Darren Lund – Professor in the Werklund School of Education
  • Meg Martin – Student and Enrolment Services
  • Sarah McGinnis – Manager, Marketing and Communications in the Schulich School of Engineering
  • Valerie Pruegger – Director, Office of Diversity, Equity and Protected Disclosure in the Office of the President
  • Jennifer Quin – Senior Director, Student Services in Student and Enrolment Services
  • Diana Snell – Instructor, in the Faculty of Nursing
  • Rebecca Sullivan – Professor, English in the Faculty of Arts
  • Shirley Voyna Wilson – Protected Disclosure Advisor, Office of the President


The Libraries and Cultural Resources – Health Sciences Library Team

Everyone in the Health Sciences Library is working towards the same goal – to provide excellent service to all students, faculty and staff. The members of this team consistently leverage their individual strengths and maximize efficiencies through collaboration and team initiatives within the unit and beyond. These team members are all genuinely friendly, very competent and always extremely helpful. Additionally, the service team has adjusted extremely well to major technological changes during the past decades. Their combined strength as a cohesive, engaged team has contributed to their ongoing accomplishments in the provision of library and information services.


  • Chelsea Ambler – Technology and Information Specialist
  • Lorraine Baker – Document Delivery Supervisor
  • Brian Evans – Evening and Weekend Supervisor
  • TerriLynne Martinez – Information and Administrative Support
  • Kathy McDonnell – Document Delivery Assistant
  • Lourdes Yturzaeta – Information Specialist and Document Delivery