Preparing for Retirement

Support Staff

Staff considering retirement can obtain pension estimates from the ‘mypensionplan’ secure area of the PSPP website. A formal pension estimate can also be requested from Alberta Pension Services, the PSPP administrator. For more information, review Frequently Asked Questions at

Staff members are eligible to retire with an immediate pension from the Public Service Pension Plan if they are over 55 and have accumulated two or more years of pensionable service. Written notification must be provided to the supervisor approximately three (3) months prior to the chosen retirement date.

When planning for retirement, a retirement date should not be artificially extended through the use of vacation or CTO time. The last day an employee actually works is the most appropriate end date for employment.

Approximately three (3) months before the retirement date, a university Benefits and Pension Analyst will provide a retirement application form and further details on the retirement process.


Retirement Checklist

The University of Calgary and the Universities Academic Pension Plan (UAPP) offer various resources to assist you when you are thinking about retiring.

Pension Estimates

Pension estimates leading up to retirement to assist you in planning your retirement.

Retirement Booklet

Retiree privileges described under Section 4 in this booklet reflect current policy. They may be changed or rescinded at any time, at the university’s discretion.