Core Leadership Competencies

Management and Professional Staff

Five Core Leadership Competencies

While goals and job expectations define what our accountabilities are, competencies describe how we get the work done. Explore the leadership competencies and start writing your feedback with the leadership competencies worksheet.

Envision the Future

  • Defines the future direction of the university, department, team or program and uses the vision to guide and align the efforts of all members of the university
  • Anticipates and interprets future trends, by drawing on their experience and university knowledge to make decisions, to problem-solve and to align people and resources in increasing challenging and complex situations

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Foster Innovation

  • Champion and facilitate the development of breakthrough research and new solutions; to bring in changes and new ideas that improve services, methods or approaches. Shows the ability to turn difficult situations into opportunities
  • Think strategically, promote creativity, take calculated risks, challenge the status quo, develop best practices and continuously improve

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Engage and Support Others

  • Establish and grow open and reciprocal relationships, understanding the importance of leveraging others to successfully achieve university/research objectives
  • Empower and enable others with appropriate authority and responsibility, and support their efforts to take responsibility
  • Cultivate the development of oneself and others through coaching, mentoring, personal and professional development and supporting

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Focus on Results

  • Achieve positive results and focus on accomplishing key objectives for oneself, the team and/or the university
  • Create or contribute to an environment which inspires potential, trust, learning and excellence while delivering results
  • Facilitate and lead change by involving others and securing the necessary resources even when faced with complexity and/or ambiguity

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Act with Integrity and Respect

  • Demonstrate and support the core values of the university, to be congruent in what you say and do, to be trustworthy, respectful and honest, and to exhibit a high standard of integrity in all interactions
  • “Do the right thing” be accountable and fair. This quality enables leaders and staff to be patient, flexible and accessible
  • Maintain a respectful workplace by modeling respectful behaviour and challenging and/or reporting disrespectful or innapropriate behaviour when it occurs

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