U Make a Difference Award

2016 Nominees 

Adam Baker is an IT Project Manager in Information Technologies.

Adam has a creative and proactive approach to problem solving and always looks at the larger picture. He is flexible in meeting the demands of many clients under tight deadlines, and in many cases, limited resources. Adam is always innovative and committed to completing the issue as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Thank you Adam! 

Alison Lee is an Administrative Assistant in the Office of Teaching and Learning and the Office of Research at the Werklund School of Education.

Alison fosters a very collaborative and collegial culture in her workplace; her consultative actions, attention to detail and positive attitude help to make her office run very efficiently. She possesses a quiet sense of humour and is willing to engage in and forward ideas that bring the community together. Alison also has a deep understanding of how acting compassionately can positively impact the nature of everyone’s work. 

Thank you Alison!

Alison Toms is the Director of Human Resources in the Faculty of Qatar.

Alison is deeply committed to the work of Human Resources, especially in her desire to respond to the needs of employees and their families as they settle into a new work environment and culture. She is an approachable and sensitive person with an intellectual curiosity; she always puts her team’s goals and success to the forefront. Alison excels in strengthening processes, policies and systems, and her creativity and problem solving skills are a tremendous asset to the university. 

Thank you Alison!

Amanda Foley is a Co-op Coordinator in the Faculty of Arts. Amanda (Mandy) actively supports a culture of cooperation and open communication between faculties.

Mandy has significantly raised the profile of the co-op and internship programs and demonstrates respect for all by seeking and considering various points of view and ensuring consensus. Her remarkable work ethic shows itself through her strong strategic focus and her passion for students. Mandy’s commitment to her role and belief in the mission of the programs she works with makes her a tremendous leader. 

Thank you Mandy!

Anastasia Dropol is a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Cumming School of Medicine (Pediatrics).

Anastasia is an incredibly driven and hardworking individual who is committed to volunteerism. She is a wonderful mentor, leader and team player who works to boost morale and encourage volunteerism at the hospital. Her eagerness to assist others and her passion and commitment to her endeavors has created an environment where everyone can grow and learn. Anastasia’s advice and ability to understand and empathize with others are matched only by her desire to see others succeed. 

Thank you Anastasia!

Anne Jaggard is a Logistics Coordinator for the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2016.

Anne has a supportive and collaborative approach to her work and relationship with her colleagues; she encourages and leads others to work together to achieve common goals. Anne’s guidance and efforts to reach out to people across campus ensures that her staff is equipped with the information they need. Her trust in those around her demonstrates a level of respect that her staff greatly appreciate and admire. Anne’s 35 years of service to our institution are proof of her dedication and passion. 

Thank you Anne!

Carla Grundison is a Senior Scheduling Officer in the Schulich School of Engineering (Engineering Student Centre).

Carla has shown true dedication to excellence in her role and her diplomacy, calm and cheerful disposition, and adaptability are key to her successes. She shows a tremendous amount of energy and passion and always comes to work with a positive and happy demeanor. Carla selflessly supports students, faculty and staff, and her perseverance, work ethic and dedication have made her truly invaluable. 

Thank you Carla!

Carlos Salinas is a Caretaker in Facilities.

Carlos is a dedicated employee whose industriousness, attention to detail and quality of work far surpasses all expectations. He is described as extremely approachable, friendly and a pleasure to work with. Carlos demonstrates a willingness to provide an outstanding environment for all staff and students not only through his work but through his unwavering and consistently positive attitude. His authenticity, integrity and comradery have made an incredible impact on all those around him. 

Thank you Carlos!

Carol Crooks is a Senior Undergraduate Specialist in the Undergraduate Science Centre in the Faculty of Science.

Carol does an exceptional job at fostering a positive work environment. Her prioritization of time for her staff and colleagues makes each person feel like a valued member of the team. She also ensures that each person is professionally supported both in and out of the office. Carol is an excellent role model in how to approach a work-life balance, and she is instrumental in bringing together the different departments in the Faculty of Science. 

Thank you Carol!

Cathie Stiven is a Manager of Graduate Awards in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Cathie has greatly contributed to the tremendous growth of graduate award administration; her leadership has allowed for an open and expressive atmosphere where all team members feel comfortable sharing ideas. Her collaborative approach is demonstrated through her work with other departments across campus as she strives to make the experience of graduate awards accessible, positive and successful. Carol’s leadership empowers others and her respectfulness, consideration and kindness make her a great manager. 

Thank you Cathie!

Christine Creswell is the Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice-President, Risk.

Christine creates a positive work environment with a tireless encouraging attitude and work ethic. The enthusiasm with which she goes about her work invites collaboration from her peers, and her commitment to her team is exceptional. She is looked to for leadership and administrative support across the Risk portfolio and inspires her coworkers. Christine emanates professionalism and excellence while making the university a better place to work. 

Thank you Christine!

Dr. Christopher Cully is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Science (Physics and Astronomy).

Christopher fosters an environment that continues to produce high caliber opportunities for students and enriches others through shared work experiences. His involvement of students on a high altitude NASA balloon launch project allowed them to grow and flourish as individuals. The positive effects of Christopher’s leadership have enhanced the reputation of the university as a whole and have accelerated and expanded the scope of research at the Department of Physics and Astronomy. 

Thank you Christopher!

Daniela Andrei is the Manager of Marketing and Communications (International) in University of Calgary International.

Daniela displays enthusiasm and passion in all she does, and has set the direction for a robust roadmap to celebrate the university’s accomplishments in the international space. She has established herself as a bridge between faculties and departments, acting in the spirit of developing strong partnerships. Daniela’s most important assets are her sunny disposition and infectious smile, and the ability to brighten everyone’s day with her warm and welcoming personality. 

Thank you Daniela!

Dean Parthenis is a Communications Strategist in Strategic Communications in University Relations.

With his positive attitude and commitment to success, Dean inspires others to do their best. He is attuned to people and is always quick to lift someone’s spirits and bring positivity to the workplace. Dean is a great listener who is thoughtful in his approach to communicating with others, and he brings a spirit of engagement and professionalism that his colleagues strive to emulate. Dean genuinely wants to empower his team members to shine and grow in their careers, and is truly a role model of recognition at the university. 

Thank you Dean!

Dena Shlah is a Cardiac Business Analyst in the Cumming School of Medicine (Department of Cardiac Sciences).

Dena’s phenomenal ability to work and connect with people from such a broad range of disciplines has made her successful in all she does. She has the ability to listen and relate to the needs of her colleagues, and has an attitude that promotes success, adapting to change with good humour. Dena strives not only to understand the ‘what’ of her work, but the ‘why’ as well. She is open, transparent, understanding and collegial, and a welcome addition to any project. 

Thank you Dena!

Donna Keene-Ochosky is a Graduate Program Administrator in the Faculty of Arts, Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies.

Donna understands the importance of creating and managing relationships and she actively listens and acknowledges the problems of others. She continually strives to enhance her abilities and is a strong team player who serves as a source of positive energy and cooperation. Donna is creative and demonstrates initiative in fostering positive outcomes; she is supportive, patient and a fountain of expertise and experience. 

Thank you Donna!

Dr. Eoin O’Grady is an Occupational Health and Safety Manager and Biosafety Officer in Environment, Health and Safety in Risk.

Eoin is proactive and works incredibly hard at serving as a facilitator, exceeding the expectations of those he works with while also building exceptional rapport. Eoin plays no small part in the success of the university, taking on challenges and projects that impact the entire community. He is an easy-going, friendly, conscientious and hardworking employee who continually makes a difference through his efforts and positive attitude. 

Thank you Eoin!

Erin Moloney is an Administrative Assistant to the Head, Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Science.

Erin works tirelessly to create and foster a culture of open, respectful communication and is someone who interacts with her colleagues and students with tact, empathy and compassion. Her knowledge, dedication, expertise and attention to detail have made her invaluable to her team. Erin continually seeks the opinions of her peers and colleagues to find best solutions and successfully follows through to ensure a win-win situation for all stakeholders. 

Thank you Erin!

Federica Gowen is an Exchanges/Graduate Program Administrator in the Department of French, Italian and Spanish Studies.

Federica’s character, skills and professionalism have a consistently positive impact on her team and community. She possesses a richness of talent and an ability to make people feel welcome. Federica’s creativity, curiosity and innovation are impactful on every level; she is a highly diverse advisor whose linguistic and cultural competency and unfailing good humour have made her an excellent colleague and asset to the university. 

Thank you Federica!

France Moreau is a Lab Manager in the Department of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

France has a remarkable work ethic and is an inspiring role model to learn from as she continues to contribute to students’ success in the lab. She makes herself available to students and is always willing to help, guiding them to solutions and encouraging them to seek opportunities and knowledge. France demonstrates creativity and resourcefulness and her inventive and tenacious personality make her an excellent colleague. France’s support for research and willingness to help others is outstanding. 

Thank you France! 

Fred Dore is a Manager of Hazardous Materials in Environment, Health and Safety in Risk.

Fred excels at building trusted relationships, and his friendly and relaxed demeanor wins people over and inspires collaboration. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and history and is always encouraging, helpful and willing to address the concerns and issues of those around him. Fred brings an inherent good nature and positive vibe to his workplace, maintaining a sense of calm during stressful times. He encourages his colleagues and is quick to recognize the hard work of others, excelling in his role as a manager. 

Thank you Fred!

Dr. Hans Vogel is a Professor in Biological Sciences.

Hans is a world-renowned researcher who continually seeks new methods, technologies and equipment to help spur innovation. He has been described as energetic, generous and collaborative and is committed to mentoring a large number of students and faculty members in his area. His selfless approach to scientific collaboration and his integrity is admirable. Hans fosters productive, respectful and supportive interactions between all his personnel regardless of seniority. 

Thank you Hans!

Jacqueline Lacasse is the Director of Employee and Labour Relations in Human Resources.

Jaqueline has consistently delivered on programs, policies and initiatives that have furthered the university to meet its goal as a top institution. She is extremely collaborative with stakeholders at all levels of the organization, and her intentional focus on progressive initiatives that support a positive workplace are evident in everything she accomplishes. Jaqueline exemplifies excellence and the ability to reach above and beyond to support our university community. 

Thank you Jacqueline!

Jeffrey Porochnuk is a Distribution Clerk, Supply Chain Management in Finance.

Jeffrey (Jeff) provides a remarkable quality of service to every member of the university community that he interacts with. Jeff gets the job done with a cheerful demeanor and the highest level of integrity, competence and enthusiasm. He always maintains a calm demeanor and a congenial attitude even in the face of an extremely busy workload. His warm and approachable personality, and respect for all those he comes in contact with are priceless and make him a wonderful ambassador for the university. 

Thank you Jeff!

Jenna Slobozian is a Senior Research Grants Officer in Research Services Office.

Jenna has exceptional skills in planning and organizing, and her ability to collaborate with others is exceptional. She has played a key role in building relationships between health researchers and the university’s Research Services Office. Jenna is both a strong leader and mentor. In spite of the demanding and fast-paced nature of Jenna’s portfolio, she continues to maintain a positive outlook and is always willing to assist others. 

Thank you Jenna!  

Jolene Maude is a Manager in the Undergraduate Science Centre in the Faculty of Science.

Jolene is a brilliant leader and coach to all of her colleagues. At the Undergraduate Science Centre, she has enhanced procedures, policies and systems to be more streamlined which has improved the experience of all stakeholders. Motivated by genuine interest and powered by her resourcefulness, Jolene has made a remarkable impact in a short period of time. 

Thank you Jolene!

June Au Yeung is a Graduate Program Administrator in Geomatics Engineering.

June is known for bringing people together to create positive working relationships that foster interdisciplinary collaboration. Her commitment to communication and transparency with students has resulted in higher student engagement and program success. June serves as a role model by consistently going beyond the requirements of her position and helping her department achieve new levels of success. 

Thank you June!

Kimberly Manalili is a Research Associate in the O’Brien Institute for Public Health in the Cumming School of Medicine.

Kimberly (Kim) is extremely organized and has created several policies for her group to help standardize and make their work more efficient. She has been instrumental in pushing forward many projects and initiatives within her department and has brought new creative ideas and strategies. Kim is always seeking opportunities to gain knowledge in many areas. Her commitment to helping her community has inspired those around her. 

Thank you Kim! 

Kristen Raimundo is a Student Advisor in the Faculty of Social Work.

Kristen creates and actively supports a culture of cooperative, respectful and open communication within the university and community at large. She has played an important role in the development, implementation and continual review of the faculty’s programs and has been instrumental in the success of many initiatives. Her communication style is straightforward and her goals are always focused on enhancing the experience for students. 

Thank you Kristen!

Le Ha Lewis is the Associate Director of Finance Services.

Le Ha was nominated for her tireless contributions to the Finance portfolio and her ability to execute on complex assignments that have had a huge impact on the university. Her perseverance, determination and endless patience are a source of inspiration as she is never too busy to answer questions, follow up on a request or improve processes.  

Thank you Le Ha!

Lesley DiMarzo is a Graduate Program Administrator in the Haskayne School of Business.

Lesley demonstrates her commitment to creating a positive work environment on a daily basis by going above and beyond, maintaining positive morale and offering support. She consistently looks for ways to improve processes and find solutions that fit each individual she deals with, often opening lines of communication along the way. Lesley is an optimistic and positive-thinking colleague who is a tremendous asset to the graduate students and PhD program she serves. 

Thank you Lesley!

Merlette Schnell is the Manager of Administrative and Financial Services in the Department of Philosophy.

Merlette plays a key role maintaining and promoting the collaborative, respectful, and supportive culture of the Philosophy Department and is vital in sustaining its smooth daily routine. She works hard to give recognition where it is due, thereby encouraging a positive, supportive and engaged sense of community within the department and with alumni. Merlette has continually demonstrated her resourcefulness, dedication and innovativeness in her more than 30 years of service to the university. 

Thank you Merlette!

Ming Lee is a Marketing Coordinator for Student Services in the Werklund School of Education International Foundations Program.

Ming was nominated for his tireless work ethic and for his willingness to continuously go the extra mile while demonstrating profound pride in his work. His patience and friendly professionalism leave his colleagues with confidence, and his efforts ensure success of the program’s operations while providing a positive experience for its students. 

Thank you Ming!

Patty Beug-Jang is the Manager of Research Operations in the Office of the Associate Dean of Research in the Cumming School of Medicine.

Patty excels in team building and motivating her colleagues to support each other to achieve the goals and objectives of her department. Patty values and practices respect in the workplace and strives to build collaborative relationships, ensuring that communications are open and friendly; she is a remarkable manager who leads by example and empowers her staff, encouraging their professional growth. 

Thank you Patty!

Dr. Peter Lewkonia is the Course Chair – Musculoskeletal and Dermatology in the Cumming School of Medicine/Undergraduate Medical Education.

Peter is described as a faculty member out to make a difference – his innovative ideas to bring about change while improving teaching and learning serve to improve the process of educating students. He strives to foster an environment of creativity, and he brings with him a perspective that is inclusive and forward thinking that is matched only by his infectious enthusiasm. 

Thank you Peter!

Randy Paquette is the Director of Alumni Partnerships and Recruitment in Development and Alumni Engagement.

Randy is the driving force in cultivating valuable partnerships between the Alumni Office and campus partners, and has developed and executed a forward thinking relationship management plan. He consistently inspires creative thought and a culture of collaboration within his team; he strives to highlight the accomplishments of his colleagues and promotes an environment of learning. He is an exemplary leader driven by compassion and kindness. 

Thank you Randy! 

Dr. Renate Scheidler is a Graduate Program Director in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Renate has worked diligently to greatly enhance and improve the quality of the graduate program and student experience, and has been instrumental in fostering a collegial and inviting atmosphere. Her commitment to collaboration and communication is demonstrated in her efforts to drive research excellence among graduate students. Renate is a great mentor and excellent leader who continuously shows initiative, perseverance and compassion toward students. 

Thank you Renate!

Ricky Ramdhaney is the Manager of International Student Services in Student Enrollment Services.

Ricky has proven himself to be a natural teacher and mentor, encouraging those around him to grow and providing the tools necessary to enable their success. Ricky’s unwavering commitment to serving international students is apparent in the culture of service he and his team have established and he continues to make a difference in the lives of those around him every day. 

Thank you Ricky!

Robb Nesbitt is the Manager of Maintenance and Planning in Facilities.

Robb has become a keystone within the Operations and Maintenance team where he leads by example and consistently champions new initiatives. He ensures quality service to his clients and his commitment to professionalism and best-practice is embraced by staff members at every level. Robb’s strength of character, integrity and dedication drive him to seek team success while demonstrating compassionate leadership. 

Thank you Robb!

Robert Braun is a Finance Partner for Ancillary Services in Finance.

Robert makes a notable impact on the day to day operations of Ancillary Services and is a significant contributor to its collaborative and supportive team culture. He is a respectful and patient individual who is solution driven and “gets things done.” Robert is a humble and reliable teammate who always displays a positive attitude, a genuine concern for the operation of Ancillary Services and a willingness to assist. His hard work and effectiveness shown in his efforts to go above and beyond each day. 

Thank you Robert!   

Sevda-Lina Yochev is an Access Provisioning Specialist in Information Technologies.

Sevda delivers exceptional performance on a daily basis and brings perseverance and integrity to everything she does. She has significantly improved overall team processes and plays a vital role in ensuring the vast community of users at the university has the access they need to perform their work. Sevda displays a genuine commitment that sets an example and standard for her team in an upbeat and optimistic manner; she is a quiet leader with demonstrated confidence and credibility. 

Thank you Sevda!

Shawna Cunningham is the Director of the Native Centre in Student Enrollment Services.

Shawna has built on her vision for the Native Centre to make it what it is now – the go-to place for Indigenous and Aboriginal activities and events at the university. She has promoted cultural awareness and created a public presence on campus of Indigenous peoples, educational involvement and community action. Her passion, inclusiveness and collaboration continues to create bridges of understanding and communication within the university. 

Thank you Shawna!

Shelley Banks is a Finance Partner in Finance.

Shelley goes beyond her ability to ensure new team members are set up for success and does so with a straightforward approach and dedication. She delivers great solutions and provides support to leadership while ensuring information is communicated effectively. Shelley is described as a “wall of knowledge” and her clear direction enables the success of others while continuing their learning. Her friendly and professional approach allows her to build a positive relationship with everyone she works with. 

Thank you Shelley!

Shelley Enderton is a Graduate Program Administrator in the Werklund School of Education (Graduate Programs in Education).

Shelley has made many innovations in the administration of the Bridge to Teaching program and is committed to administering it fluidly while simultaneously providing exceptional support for its students. Her warm and positive attitude are appreciated by colleagues and students alike, and her generous spirit, unending patience and ability to relate to others help to ensure the collective success of her team. 

Thank you Shelley!

Sylvia Trosch is the Manager of Sustainability Engagement in the Office of Sustainability.

Sylvia has led transformational change in the Office of Sustainability team and its engagement program. Her commitment to the power of collaboration, focus on mentoring and consistent practice of respect are the foundations of her success. Sylvia’s highly effective leadership is demonstrated through her support and encouragement of her team members as she seeks new ideas and opportunities for innovation. She has created a supportive working environment and has a natural ability to motivate. 

Thank you Sylvia!

Dr. Sylvie Roy is Professor and Chair of the Language and Literacy Department in the Werklund School of Education.

Sylvie has created a strong sense of community and respect in her classroom, transforming it into a place where students can feel like they belong. She possesses a unique ability to connect with all her students and bring them together, and she is described as a passionate educator and mentor. Sylvie’s tenacity, humility and approachability make her an inspiring and supportive leader among her colleagues and students. 

Thank you Sylvie!

Travis Dickie is a Coordinator, Marketing and Communications in Student Enrollment Services (Leadership and Student Engagement).

Travis approaches his work with boundless ideas and infectious enthusiasm while continuously challenging his team to reach higher and achieve their goals. He is intentional about understanding the motivations, contexts and challenges of his work to better promote it to students and the campus community, and his creative thinking and excellent listening skills create an environment where others feel welcome to bring forward innovative new ideas. 

Thank you Travis!

Violet Baron is the Director of School Operations in the Werklund School of Education.

Violet possesses an exceptional knowledge and conceptual understanding of the programs in all units of the Werklund School of Education and uses this knowledge to support others in their work. She is known for making things happen and has created a space that provides opportunity for administrative and academic faculty to learn from each other and work collaboratively to develop processes and protocols. Her strength, resilience and wisdom empowers others to flourish. 

Thank you Violet!

Vishu Mahajan is the Director of Creative Services in Marketing in University Relations.

Vishu brings expertise, personal vibrancy and innate professionalism to her role, producing creatively inspired and technically precise work. She is adept at building collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships and using a professional approach, patience and active listening skills to engage clients while demonstrating admirable personal integrity and unwavering responsibility. Vishu’s leadership, talent for design and passion for the university is collectively raising the quality of the university’s marketing. 

Thank you Vishu!

Wendy Thatcher is the Manager of Communications for Finance & Services in Strategic Communications, University Relations.

Wendy makes a difference to the university through her innovative and creative approach to strategic communications and by frequently developing and revolutionizing processes. Wendy views obstacles as opportunity, and her patience and calm demeanor have made her a favourite to work with among her teammates as well as students, faculty and staff across the campus community. Her dedication, collaboration and innovative approaches have made an impact on everyone she works with. 

Thank you Wendy!


  • Karen Buckley – Associate Archivist
  • Lisa Atkinson – Archivist
  • Dave Brown – LCR Photography Services
  • Rowena Wake – Copyright Officer
  • Kathryn Ranjit – Manager, Digitization Unit
  • Rob Alexander – Digitization Assistant
  • Kelly Finnerty – Repository Technician
  • John McAra – Digitization & Repository Services

The work of the Libraries and Cultural Resources team allows all of the university community to learn from our history, appreciate our origins, and reflect – with accuracy – the legacy of those who came before us. This team was nominated in particular for their hard work in storing, cataloguing, digitizing and maintaining artifacts that will be used this year as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. The tales of our past would be lost without the passion and commitment of the Libraries and Cultural Resources team. As they document our living history, they build collaborative relationships across the university and their impact is deep and long-lasting.

Thank you!


  • Suzanne Foster – Associate Dean, Academic
  • Inesia Adolph – Manager, Dean’s Office
  • Alison Toms – Director, Human Resources
  • Wayne Hann – Director, IT
  • Mohamoud Adam – Director, Foundations Program
  • Craig Wood – Director, Student Services
  • James Cottingham – Manager, Facilities
  • Ahmed Sanni – Director, Finance
  • Graeme Lauber – Manager, Marketing and Communications

The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) senior leadership team is committed to creating respectful and diverse workplace where students, faculty and staff feel welcome no matter their ethnic, national or racial background. Their hard work and dedication has provided bedrock support for the work of the students, faculty and staff at the university. The UCQ senior leadership team continues to demonstrate tremendous teamwork, careful planning and fortitude.

Thank you!


  • Marina Geronazzo – Manager, Media Relations
  • Sean Myers – Media Relations Advisor
  • Drew Scherban – Media Relations Advisor

The Media Relations team helps to build and strengthen the university’s relationships and reputation with reporters and media bodies, key community partners, and internal and external stakeholders. Their efforts go far in helping the university attract new sources of funding, public support and further develop essential partnerships with the local and global community. This team provides top notch support for significant research and institutional announcements as well as to their communications colleagues. 

Thank you!


  • Lise Houle – Associate General Counsel in Legal Services
  • Elena Rhodes – Senior Specialist, Pensions and Retirement Programs in Human Resources
  • Christopher Dunlap – Analyst, Pension in Human Resources

The Trust Settlement Implementation team (TSI) has built and maintained extremely solid collaborative relationships with an external legal firm, a third party consulting firm, and Alberta Pension Services that helps them serve the university community. Through cooperative, respectful and personal communication, TSI was able to help university community members find appropriate solutions to fit their specific needs on very important and time sensitive projects. Each of the members of this team have tirelessly dedicated their time and effort and consistently demonstrated their excellence in collaboration and communication practices.

Thank you!


  • David Menks – Team Lead and Senior Technical Consultant  
  • Jesse Hollis – Technical Business Analyst
  • Ruth Jaliff – Technical Business Analyst

The Application Delivery and Sustainment team (ADS) has been described as a helpful, respectful, open and patient team of individuals. They have been supportive and collaborative in understanding needs of users, while also taking the time to learn about challenges before providing appropriate solutions and advice. ADS strives to understand the unique goals of their clients and provide efficient and accessible service to all students, faculty and staff at the university. 

Thank you