Finance Forms, Procedures, Guidelines and Handbooks


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  1. Invoicing

  2. Payment Options

  3. Refunds

  4. Collections and Write-offs

  1. Deposits

  2. Cash Floats

    • Used to provide change for the purpose of concluding cash transactions only.
    • The float shall not be used for any other purpose such as personal loans, cashing cheques, purchases, salaries, wages or honoraria.
    • The float must, at all times, contain the authorized and issued amount of cash.
    • The float must be kept in a secure, locked location under the sole control of the custodian. Only the custodian should use and have access to the float.
    • Funds derived from any other source must not be added to the float.
    • Overages/shortages must be recorded on your daily deposit.
    • For more information regarding cash float procedures, please refer to the cash management procedures document found in the Procedures, guidelines and handbooks section under Quick Links
    • Cash float request form (request a new float, or increase the amount of an existing float)
    • Cash float deposit request form (reduce or return a cash float no longer needed by the department)
    • Cash float transfer request form (transfer the custodianship of a cash float to another employee within the department)
  3. Point of Sale (POS)

  1. Asset Management

  2. Equipment Disposal

    • log in to 
    • go to the My work tab
    • under the Finance & Supply Chain heading, click on the SCM service request form
    • on the far left select the Equipment disposal link
    • complete the form and click Submit
  1. Chartfields

  2. Inter-departmental billings (IDB)

  1. Project Creation and Maintenance

  2. Project Delegation

New Supplier Request form (new request for business or individual)

NOTE: ONLY to be completed and submitted by an employee or individual affiliated with the University of Calgary.

Step 1:   Instructions on how to verify if a supplier is already set up in PeopleSoft (Active or Inactive)

Step 2:   Complete the New Supplier Request form and email it to (if applicable by your search from Step 1 above)

               a) Download the form and save it to your computer

               b) Populate the saved form

               c) Save & submit for processing to

               d) Instructions on how to complete the New Supplier Request Form

Step 3:   Request form processed, and preferred payment method setup by supplier administration

Step 4:   Supplier ID provided to requestor and supplier by supplier administration

Step 5:   Process to payment via requisition, or PRQ


Supplier Information Enrollment form (New Canadian or USA suppliers)

NOTE: Only the supplier is to complete this mandatory form.

To expedite the setup of a supplier file, please ensure a preferred payment method is selected, either Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or automated virtual Visa payments (VPA), along with appropriate supporting documentation. 


Supplier Change Request form (All business & individual suppliers)

NOTE: Only to be completed and submitted by an employee or individual affiliated with the University of Calgary.

For all CDN and USA supplier contact information updates, including name, address, phone or email. Please submit this form along with supporting documentation (invoice or email request from supplier) to

The Change Request form is also to be used for the reinstatement of an inactive supplier.


Electronic Funds Transfer form (Canadian or USA suppliers and individuals)

NOTE: Only the supplier or individual is to complete this form.

To expedite the setup, please ensure either a bank certified direct deposit letter or a copy of a void cheque is submitted with this form.


Visa Payables Enrollment form (Canadian or USA suppliers)

NOTE: Only the supplier is to complete this form.

The University of Calgary is introducing a new payment method via a direct payment for a PO from a virtual credit card. With this payment method, the current processes for epro requisitions and submitting invoices will remain the same. The only change will be the payment method.

Overview of Visa Payables.


Wire Payment Request form

To be used for supplier or individuals with International address for proper formatting of Wire Payment Information. PO Box addresses will not be accepted.

  1. Apply for a credit card

    Visit the university credit cards page and select the type of card you wish to apply for:

    • Travel & Expense Card - for travel and hospitality expenses incurred on behalf of UCalgary
    • Purchase Card - for purchasing low-dollar, low-risk materials and supplies for faculty, lab or department
  2. Card Maintenance

    (*to update card holder information or to change card limits)

Procedures, Guidelines and Handbooks

If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, please contact UService: or review the Finance Admin Tasks page:

  • Cash advance clearing guide: The cash advance clearing guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to clear cash advances received for university expenses.
  • Pay low-dollar invoices (under $2,500): The preferred method of payment for these invoices is the University credit card. However, in instances where either no credit card is available or the vendor does not accept payment via credit card, the Payment Request can be used to pay low dollar company invoices <$2,500.   
  • Travel and expense reimbursement handbook: This handbook outlines the procedures for expenses and reimbursements regarding travel and entertainment, including advance payments and non-employee regulations.

For more information on these processes, visit the Training and Development site to access job aids: go to Learning Resources, log in with your UCID, then click on Expenses under Featured Topics.

External Billing is the generation of a University of Calgary invoice to request payment of goods or services provided by the University to an external party, for research funding or for the recovery of costs incurred by the University on behalf of an external party. Tuition assessments and other transactions recorded on student accounts as well as inter- departmental billings do not fall within this category.

All other credit and billing responsibilities remain with the billing unit.

***Please review the External Billing Procedure document for necessary PeopleSoft access request and training materials.


For more information on these procedures, visit the HR Training & Development Web site: Accounts Receivable (Cash & Billing) 

      1. Supporting Documentation

      2. Cash and Billing

      3. Research Receivables

      1. Over-Expenditures

      2. Project Extensions

        • Project Maintenance will extend the end date of a project upon receipt of an amendment from the sponsor agency. Please contact for more information.
            1. Authority Matrix







              Finance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

            2. Journal Entries, Fund Codes, and Account Codes

              • Project Creation and Maintenance

              • Month/Quarter/Year End Procedures and Deadlines

                Month/Quarter End Procedures

                Year-End Procedures

                The fiscal year of the University ends on March 31 of each year. The documents below outline procedures and timelines to process year end transactions and complete the year end financial statements.

                Year End Deadlines (specific activities)