Central Receiving

Distribution Services provides the service of receiving items shipped to the University at one of our two campus locations and within PeopleSoft. This supports timely receipt of goods by reducing administrative functions.

Central Receiving Services


Supply Chain Management (SCM) will physically receive freight.


SCM will inspect the contents against the purchase order to determine order accuracy and condition. Dangerous shipments (perishables, radioactive and chemical) will be verified using the packing slip and purchase order.


If the order is correct and undamaged, SCM will update the item(s) as received in PeopleSoft.


If the order is correct and undamaged, SCM will distribute the goods to the requisitioner.

Issue Resolution

If the item(s) are incorrect or damaged, SCM will contact the requisitioner to determine the next steps and support the requisitioner in resolving the issues with the supplier.


  • Receipt of capital, technical and research equipment will be coordinated with the project owner/delegate.
  • Direct delivery/on-line receiving in the my.ucalgary.ca portal is available to procure services and special items like gases, animals, liquid nitrogen, raw materials, etc.
  • Item(s) with no packing slip will not be updated in PeopleSoft as received. The initiator will need to update the items once Distribution Services delivers the package and they have verified all items are correct and undamaged.
  • Item(s) procured by a Corporate Card do not require receiving in PeopleSoft



  • Improve support for project owners and delegates
  • Potential savings through early pay discounts
  • Better vendor issue resolution through SCM involvement
  • Collaborative handling, storage and receipt of research and technical equipment