Purchase Orders

To ensure your product or service is properly authorized and that your payment is timely, suppliers, contractors and consultants must ensure they receive a university Purchase Order (PO) number prior to starting work.

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Materials Delivery

Suppliers are expected to pay special attention to packaging, shipping instructions and delivery dates.

Unless otherwise instructed by Supply Chain Management, deliveries are to be F.O.B University of Calgary, Central Shipping and Receiving, Physical Plant Building. Goods are shipped in the most economical manner to meet the stipulated delivery date.

Due to delivery location access restrictions and equipment handling limitations, suppliers should contact Distribution Services to arrange delivery of shipments of extraordinary size or weight.

Special Notice About Recent Fraudulent Activity

The University of Calgary has been fully co-operating with the Calgary Police Service as they investigate these reports of fraudulent activity. We are thankful that the CPS takes such criminal acts very seriously. The supply chain process within The University of Calgary has very stringent controls in place regarding purchase orders.

  • Every purchase order has a phone number to the University of Calgary UService that can be used to validate the purchase order (403.210.9300).
  • Confirmation telephone numbers are verifiable on the University of Calgary web site (“ucalgary.ca/finance/”).
  • Every purchase order indicates the buyer for the product or service along with their valid ucalgary.ca email address.
  • Suppliers should be suspicious of any PO shipment address outside of 2500 University Drive NW.
  • Every purchase order comes from a University of Calgary email address that employs anti spoofing protections.