Preferred Suppliers

By leveraging the university's considerable purchasing power, faculty and staff can buy more, or get better value, with the same or fewer dollars.

About Preferred Suppliers

Faculty and staff realize time efficiencies by following procedures for more efficient transactions. These savings remain in the faculty or staff members' respective faculties or business units. But price is only one factor when defining cost for an item for the university. The other considerations are:

Transaction Costs



Inventory Costs

Purchasing Administration


Payment Terms






Supplier Documents and Policies

Supply Chain Management Policy

Supply Chain Management Policy

One of the basic intents of the University of Calgary's Supply Chain Management Policy is to help faculty and staff make the best use of their budgets. In fall of 2009, the Board of Governors approved the policy, which supports the use of preferred suppliers.

Preferred Suppliers List

Preferred Suppliers List

UCalgary has a comprehensive list of preferred suppliers. You may have specialized needs that cannot be met by a preferred supplier. In some cases, there may be legislative requirements or regulations associated with a purchase. Our procurement specialists are on hand to discuss your needs, manoeuvre through any requirements and help find an optimal solution. Contact Supply Chain Management ( with questions about suppliers.

Support for Academic Principles

Support for Academic Principles

Policies and procedures for administrative services sustain UCalgary's academic principles and are developed with consideration of the unique needs found in a university setting. Supply Chain Management supports excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity. Basic business processes and standards in procurement, distribution and accounts payable free up time for more value-added activities in support of teaching and research.