Travel & Expense Card Guidelines


UCalgary's Travel and Expense Card (T&E card) is used to pay for travel and hospitality expenses. Use of the T&E card for these types of expense reduces the number of out of pocket expenses incurred by employees that require reimbursement. 

Using the T&E Card

  • Each cardholder is responsible for usage of the T&E Card to ensure transactions are for University business. For more information about using the T&E Card, please reference the Corporate Card Program Handbook.
  • Purchases may be made in person, over the phone or on secure websites. Be aware that sending credit card information by email or fax is not secure and the number should only be provided on a secure website, by telephone or in person.
  • Cardholders are responsible to ensure their cards are used with trusted suppliers who ensure the security of the card numbers and that it is not used by an individual other than who is named on the T&E card.
  • A detailed receipt/invoice must be obtained for every transaction.
  • Each cardholder is responsible for the usage of their T&E Card. If there are any transaction issues, contact the supplier first. If the issue cannot be resolved or if fraud is then identified, contact Scotiabank Visa immediately and follow up with the  Card Program at Reference the Corporate Card Program Handbook for more information.

Maintaining the T&E Card

  • Cardholders are responsible for reconciling their transactions. For additional assistance, contact or 403.210.9300.
  • For step-by-step instructions to reconcile the T&E Card, a Quick Reference Guide is available. 
  • T&E card limits have a default $25,000 monthly limit with no single transaction limit.  If a limit increase is required, please submit a completed Limit Increase Form, located at Forms & Resources > Forms > UCalgary Credit Cards.
  • Changes such as card cancellations are made by submitting a completed T&E Card Maintenance Request Form, which can be found under Forms & Resources > Forms > UCalgary Credit Cards.
  • The Corporate Card Program is located at the Physical Plant (PP 65). For more information, email