Treasury and Investments Team

About Treasury and Investments

The Treasury group is responsible for the prudent stewardship of the university and endowment cash assets. Its responsibilities include developing, recommending, implementing, and reviewing policies and procedures relating to:

Cash Management

To ensure available and adequate liquidity for faculty and business unit requirements. These objectives include maximizing short-term interest income, minimizing interest expense, and managing financial risk as it relates to interest rates and currency.


To maximize risk-adjusted returns on the investment of endowment and non-endowment funds for use by the university and its programs. Treasury oversees and works closely with external investment managers, money managers, external brokers and other specialists. Results are reviewed regularly and reported to senior management, the Investment Committee, and the Board of Governors.

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University of Calgary Endowment Administration

Endowments donated for specific purposes are held and invested in perpetuity. Only investment income is utilized for the intended purpose to allow the value of the endowment to grow or be maintained.

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