Service Requests

The Supply Chain Management Service Request Forms are used for Equipment Disposal, On/Off-Campus shipping, Surplus Requests and Sole/Single Source purchases


Surplus Requests

For the removal or acquisition of used furniture.

Sole/ Single Source Purchases

If your purchase is over $25,000 and you reasonably believe it is a sole source, you must submit a Sole/Single source justification form.

Off-Campus Shipping Request

Used to request and initiate the shipment of University of Calgary related goods and materials via domestic or international shipment leaving the UofC.

On-Campus Shipping Request

Used to request and initiate the transfer of items between departments on campus, including Foothills Campus.

Equipment Disposal Requests

For the removal and disposal of University of Calgary assets purchased with Operating, Research and Trust, or Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) funds, including computers, electronics, peripherals.

Submit a Service Request Form

The Service Request Forms are accessed by logging on to, navigating to My Work > Finance & Supply Chain > SCM service request forms

For any of the forms requiring authorization, we are unable to process your request until authorized by a specified person. All emails for submitting and authorizing must be University of Calgary emails.

For equipment that has been used in a lab environment, an Equipment Clearance Form is also required. To find this form click on the link that is located on the Disposal Request Form.

Authorize a Service Request Form

If you have been listed as the authorizer on a Supply Chain Management service request form, you will receive an email after the submission of the form directing you to do approve if applicable. All requests cannot be further processed until authorized, which is done by logging on to, navigating to My Work > Finance & Supply Chain > SCM service request forms. Near the top left of the page, follow the link marked "My Requests."